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Nora raggedly shows up at Saul's and informs him that Sarah told her everything before accusingly noting that he knew. When she hears that it's been a few months, Saul tries to say he was against it from the beginning, which I suppose is basically true. I mean, I remember him saying he'd help Tommy if he wanted to get rid of Holly, but it seems pretty clear he wasn't talking about doing anything illegal. Nora can't believe Saul didn't tell her that Tommy was going down this path, and overacts as she tells him that Tommy came to him for the same reason William did -- he's comfortable dealing in lies. "You always have been." Saul is not about to take this, though, and basically gives a long-form version of Tommy's slap-worthy comment earlier as he asks if she's comfortable dealing in truths. "If you wanted to know the truth about William, all you had to do was open your eyes. But you didn't want to." Hard to argue, since it seems like we're just starting to discover all the mistresses and illegitimate children he left up and down the California coast. Saul goes on that she made it clear she didn't want to deal with the messy parts, and that's why he didn't tell her about Tommy. Nora turns back to him and says that was once the case, but now she wants all the uncomfortable truths, and she doesn't need him to protect her. She adds that that's why she invited Ryan to her house -- if she had anything to do with his suffering she wants to take responsibility for it. I hate to interrupt when Sally Field is doing her thing, but I don't even know what she's talking about. Ryan has a little angst and suddenly he's "suffering"? He seems better-adjusted than most college kids I remember, myself included, but I guess she's unwittingly making the point that her invitation had everything to do with her and nothing to do with him, so now it's starting to make sense. She says her eyes are open, and on her way out, tells him he's asked her to see all the ways he's grown and changed in the last year. "Right now all I can see are the ways you haven't." Kind of odd that she'd trivialize his coming out like that, since we know she's totally proud of him, but what can I say, the writing in this episode is almost thoroughly off the wall. When she's gone, Saul looks super-bummed.

Justin's pouting hardcore when Rebecca gets back and asks what happened to him. He doesn't take his eyes off the TV as he says she seemed pretty happy talking to Ryan, and Rebecca rather rightly is disbelieving as she asks, "You're not actually going to make this about Ryan." She tells him he hung her out to dry in front of his family, and when he lamely says it's because they weren't supposed to get involved, points out that he changed his mind about that when it suited him, and that he said he'd be there for her if she went. He throws up his hands and asks what she wanted him to do, and I can't believe Rebecca even has the patience to tell him she wanted him to defend her. I mean, if he didn't have the most basic idea of what he would do if the situation got ugly, why did he say he'd be there for her in the first place? What did he think that meant? What a spineless wuss, seriously. Rebecca goes on that at the very least, he could have not told her to shut up "while Kevin acted like I was some witness for the prosecution." He defensively says he didn't know how it was going to go down, but she snaps that his loyalty shouldn't have been contingent on the circumstances. Anyway, things get worse from here, and she finally tells him she can see that he'll always choose them, and that's his decision, but she needs to make a choice too. She dumps him, thank God, because on top of everything else, Justin is starting to seem like a 30ish deadbeat to me, and considering Rebecca's barely past college age, it just adds another level of ick to their relationship. If they need to pair her up with someone, Ryan seems like the better choice, to be honest.

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Brothers and Sisters




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