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...which is our cue to cut to Ryan emptying the dishwasher. This causes Nora extreme distress, as none of her actual kids ever would lift a finger to help her, and she shoos him away. Ryan asks her what time they're meeting everyone, so Nora has to tell him that it's not happening the way she hoped, and Ryan's understanding, saying he's not sure he'd want to meet him were he in their situation. He says he feels like he just "kinda came out of nowhere," which is another example of the writers unwittingly indicting themselves, and he adds that he doesn't want it to seem that he expected to show up and just belong to the family. Instead of admitting that Ryan has a point and encouraging him not to get his hopes up too high, she tells him that "William turned their life upside-down, too," and they're proof he can get through it. It's a clumsy parallel to draw, since the two situations aren't remotely the same other than they both involve someone named "William," but it's the setup for Nora suggesting that they stop in at Ojai so he can see the family business and maybe get Tommy to show him around. Ryan agrees, continuing to have no idea what he's in for.

The judge releases Tommy on bail, so... doesn't that mean he was in jail between the end of last episode and now? I'm just trying to figure out exactly how ridiculous it is that Julia is just now coming to the conclusion that Tommy did something wrong. Anyway, the judge announces that the trial will begin on the 25th of March, and then Tommy's lawyer -- played, I believe, by Paul Keeley, who was the closeted gay guy that tried to hook up with Sal on Mad Men -- tells him that Holly's off-limits to him now. Julia then walks up to Kevin and Sarah and asks if Tommy really did this, and after Kevin says she needs to talk to Tommy, she sizes up their guilty expressions and determinedly walks off...

...and in the hallway, after Tommy's lawyer leaves him with some vaguely encouraging words, he runs into Julia and tries to complain about all the "stupid bureaucracy" in his way. She disbelievingly asks if that's all he has to say, and points out that he recently made a lot of promises about things, like getting a new car and redoing the backyard. "Were you just trying to distract me so I wouldn't suspect anything?" Not sure how suddenly promising to spend a lot of money would make you suspect that nothing is going on, but her point is that he could go to jail, and what will that mean for their family? He petulantly asks if they can do this at the house, but she firmly tells him she doesn't want him there. "Do not come home." About time she told him what's what, not that it's actually going to have any effect on how he views the situation. Tommy stares his way into the title card.

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Brothers and Sisters




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