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At, I think, Sarah's place, Saul, Kevin, and Sarah are having a powwow about Tommy, and Saul suggests they appeal to Holly. Sarah doesn't see what that would do, but Kevin tells them that if Holly were amenable to the idea, they could go to the DA and tell him Tommy made restitution and they settled the matter privately, which might induce him to drop the case because of the time and money it would save the state. Seems tenuous to me, given that the case seems so open-and-shut, but it's worth a try, and Sarah volunteers to be the one to talk to Holly. Kevin nixes the idea of anyone doing so without a lawyer present, and opines that if Tommy wanted their help, he would have asked for it. He gets up to leave, and when Sarah asks him to update Kitty on the situation, he agrees, but only if Sarah will order Tommy to tell Nora everything. It's quite the family that regularly has to issue marching orders to handle its own internal gossip. When Kevin's gone, Sarah gets the bright idea to ask Justin to prevail on Rebecca to influence her mother into seeing things their way, and never have the stakes been so high for what's essentially a game of Telephone.

Speaking of Justin and Rebecca, they're on the phone when Holly runs into her daughter and says she can't get online, which I suppose means that Rebecca is now the on-site IT consultant in addition to everything else she supposedly does around there. At least her youth is an asset on this front. Rebecca starts to wrap it up with Justin, but when she suddenly sees Nora and Ryan way down the hall, she tells Holly she'll be with her in just a minute, and Holly safely vanishes. Rebecca and Justin then both freak about this development, with Emily VanCamp making a hilarious face of terror before she says she'll handle the situation and disconnects. Greetings are exchanged, and after Ryan jokes that it's "Bring Your Illegitimate Child to Work Day," Rebecca laughs that she went to that last year. Nora's like, "Cute, kids, really cute," which is why they're on the show, but when Nora asks if Tommy's free, Rebecca puts on another great deer-in-the-headlights look for a second before snapping out of it and saying she thinks he's in meetings all day. Nora's bummed and says that soon, Ryan is going to think she made up her kids, and while I doubt that, he's certainly going to wish she made up some of them soon, and he's not the only one. Rebecca assures Ryan that his half-siblings exist, and then, when Nora offers to give Ryan a tour, offers to do it herself, starting waaaaay out at the loading dock, where an "amazing" shipment of pears has supposedly just come in. Ryan and Nora engage in quizzical praise of pears as Rebecca looks like she's experiencing her introduction to the wonderful world of migraines. And she didn't even remember to fix Holly's Internet issue.

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Brothers and Sisters




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