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Robert limps in the door, looking rather tan for someone who just got out of intensive care, followed by Kitty, whose limp is confined to her new hairdo. He sees a sign over the fireplace that reads "Welcome Home Dad," and Kitty explains that the kids made it, as their mom apparently brought them into town, and they're expecting a call now that he's home. Robert's like, "Good!" in a tone of voice that means anything but that, and then tentatively asks if Kitty told them about the heart attack. Kitty says no, but she thinks he does need to tell them, and Rob Lowe does some great work as Kitty's talking, with about a hundred different emotions playing over his face. Kitty notices, asking if he's in pain, but he says he's good, and she should go be with the baby. She agrees, but first reminds him that the doctor said he's to avoid stress, and she'll be happy to back him up with the kids if he wants, but he thinks he needs to do it himself. Kitty doesn't say, "Heard that one before," but I'd imagine this won't be her last opportunity.

Sarah has followed through on her idea, and she tells Justin that she knows it's a long shot, but there's still a shot. Justin: "I knew there was a reason you made me cookies." She's a mom, Justin. She's practiced this trick on Cooper a hundred times. Justin, however, is less easy to bend to her will than a five-year-old, although he does express sympathy for Tommy when he hears Julia booted him for the extra point. However, when Sarah tries to say that Tommy was there for him during his addiction problem, even Justin remembers that Tommy didn't speak to him. Sarah counters, "That was out of love!" which is a leading candidate for the funniest line ever said on this show. Justin tells Sarah that he and Rebecca are already on shaky ground at best, so they've got to stay out of it. Sarah gives a sad face, which would also probably work better on Cooper...

...but you have to give her points for effort, as her next stop is Holly's office. Holly's surprised, as she figured the visit would come from Kevin or even Saul, and Sarah sighs like she knows what a long shot this is: "No. Just me." She sits and offers terms of surrender: The money Tommy took would be returned immediately, he would resign from the board, forfeit all his shares and voting rights, and never set foot in the building again. As much as I despise Tommy, it's not actually a bad offer. It's true that it only eliminates the jail time from what will likely happen anyway, and it's still on Holly to decide if she wants to be generous or not, but it's not like the terms are laughable, especially since it seems pretty clear to everyone, not just the viewers, that Tommy wasn't actually going to go through with it. (Not that any of this means anything, given that Tommy doesn't even know about it.) Holly, however, doesn't see it that way, and takes a dig at Sarah by comparing Tommy's situation to the Golden Plum fiasco, which is both shaky and unnecessary, in my opinion. However, Sarah stays on message, saying that Tommy already has lost everything he worked for, and also has a young family, by which Holly is unmoved, saying she behaved "honorably" and yet everyone seems to think this mess is her fault. Well, given the fact that she was dishonest with William about Rebecca's parentage, and that offered her access to money and resources she might not otherwise have had, I hardly think of her as pure as the driven snow here. You'd think she'd consider letting Tommy off the hook on that basis alone. Sarah tries one last tack, saying that William wouldn't have wanted Ojai to destroy one of his kids, but Holly bites out that Tommy did this to himself. Sarah holds a baleful look before heading out, and Holly's face matches hers as we go to commercial.

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Brothers and Sisters




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