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Rebecca winds up the tour, but her hopes of making a clean getaway are dashed when Nora invites her over for dinner that night, saying she'll ask everyone, which is what SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Try as she might, Rebecca fails to twist out of this one, and when she's alone, gives a "yikes" face that's completely appropriate.

Nora is grocery-wrangling while on the phone with Saul, desperately saying he's got to help her get everyone there that night before hanging up and brightly telling Ryan that... everyone will be there. Nora would make a good producer, I tell you what. Ryan smiles and asks if she threatened them, and Nora chuckles like she'd never do such a thing before adding that Kitty has to stay home and take care of Robert and the baby, which Ryan thinks is fine, because he's nervous enough as it is. Nora tries to dismiss his concerns, but Ryan says that Rebecca told him about her first dinner there and how everyone sat around and quietly stared at her. Well, except when Kevin was physically attacking her, but maybe she didn't want to scare Ryan too much. Nora's answer to that is to serve a buffet, because that's "easy and loose," and while Nora has, like, the biggest heart in the world, I still think Ryan is doing an admirable job of not calling her out for her incredible ability to avoid the real issues here. Ryan offers to help her cook, saying he's pretty good, and Nora must really like this kid, given that she doesn't jump out of her skin at the mere idea.

Justin tells Rebecca about Julia, which is the prelude to him going back on his decision to stay neutral and ask Rebecca if there's any way she'd talk to Holly. He gets his opening when Rebecca realizes she has some papers she needs to give to Holly before the dinner, and even though he's so scared even to bring it up that he practically gags on the words, he goes through with it. Rebecca, however, doesn't even know what she would say to Holly, given how hurt and angry her mother is. They again decide to drop it, but with a much heavier mood than before, and then Rebecca brings up Tommy, saying she doesn't think she can handle the dinner if he's going to be there. Justin assures her that he won't let anything bad happen to her, and she urgently tells him she doesn't hate Tommy or want him to go to jail, but she doesn't know what she can do. Justin assures her that she's "Switzerland." Well, just because the Swiss have prided themselves on neutrality doesn't mean no one ever hated them for it. For now, though, they smile at each other, and Justin says he'll see her at dinner.

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Brothers and Sisters




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