Brothers and Sisters

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Kevin's updating Kitty, who's holding the baby, on the phone as promised, mentioning that Tommy is staying with Sarah, and talk then turns to Robert, as Kitty says he's not very forthcoming, "kind of like your press releases about his condition." Heh. Kevin, beer already in hand (it's five o'clock somewhere, right?) inquires if she told him about Tommy, and Kitty asks if he's nuts, as Robert doesn't need to be stressed out about the political implications of his brother-in-law going to jail. I love the implication that Robert wouldn't otherwise give a shit, because (a) it's totally in character that he would only care how it affects his career, and (b) why the hell would he care about Tommy, anyway? Kevin pauses and tells "Kit" that he tried to talk Robert out of going through with the campaign, but Kitty says that doing so would require him to acknowledge that his life has changed, and he's not doing that, even to his own kids. I am not the biggest believer in New Age philosophy, but between the baby and the heart attack, you'd think Robert might wonder if the universe is trying to tell him something. Kevin sighs and says Tommy is behaving similarly, not even acknowledging that he might have to go to prison, before bright-siding to Kitty that at least she gets out of the Ryan dinner, but Kitty says that would almost be a welcome change before telling him that Courtney, who you'll remember is Robert's first wife, is there with the kids, so she'd better get back, but to tell Tommy that she loves him. Kevin: "Okay. Tell Robert I... like him, a lot." Kitty smiles at the total gay love her brother has for her husband, who's watching the kids play video games, and hangs up. Courtney gets up and checks out the baby while mentioning how predictable Robert's inability to show weakness is, and Kitty speculates that he's being brave for the kids' sake, but Courtney thinks he's taking it to extremes, and she's proven right when the kids invite him to join their Wii bowling game, and he accepts. Kitty protests, so he makes a snappish comment about women and nagging: "That's why I never understood polygamy." Kitty and Courtney are too stunned to respond at first, so Robert is free to take a turn, but after he goes, Kitty suggests he take a break, to which he practically snarls, "I don't need to be put down for a nap." Robert's daughter Sophie worriedly apologizes for whatever she did, and Kitty holds it together long enough to assure her she didn't do anything wrong. Robert, after a beat, says that's right, and maybe he should go lie down after all, but they should practice, "because when I come back, it is so on!" Just what Kitty was thinking, I'd imagine. Husband and wife studiously avoid eye contact as Robert limps out, and Courtney, after a worried look Robert's way, plasters on a smile and hustles the kids out of there, leaving Kitty alone to hold the baby forlornly. Why hasn't Jason shown up to take care of his brother? Is Eric Winter that busy these days?

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Brothers and Sisters




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