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Holly's on the phone with her lawyer, and when she gets off, David (Are they together again just because he showed up on her doorstep? Oy.) wonders why she changed her mind and went to the arraignment. Holly says she doesn't want "this drama," which gives the earlier line a run for its money in the hilarity department, but before David can agree with me, Rebecca enters. Holly says she didn't need to bring her the papers, which makes me wonder if she just wanted to get out of the house to avoid Justin, but when David good-naturedly brings up the Tommy business again and he and Holly joke a little as he gives her shit, Rebecca can't take it anymore and says that Tommy's really suffering, and if she wanted to help, she could drop the charges. Holly's stunned at the suggestion given from whom it's coming, but Rebecca explains that she knows what he did was unforgivable, but the prospect of him going to jail is putting an incredible strain on her relationship with Justin. "You're the only person who can stop it." David backs his daughter up, and Rebecca continues that she's not asking her to do it for Tommy, "but if there's any way that you can do it for me?" Rebecca obviously made the most effective plea here by far, and Holly in all seriousness says she'll think about it. "I will."

At the Walker Manse, Sarah confesses to Kevin that she went to talk to Holly, and after Kevin briefly chews her out for it, Sarah tells him that Tommy is coming tonight, and after they leave, he's going to tell Nora. They then exchange some fluffy words about Ryan before Saul enters and notices that Scotty is decanting like, an entire case of wine. Knowing that this is two or three bottles more than would be consumed at your average Walker dinner, Saul speculates that Scotty is "preemptively intoxicating [him]self before the worst-timed dinner in Walker family history," and Scotty adds that he thought hiding in the corner might help as well. Hee. Have you noticed, though, that since Luke MacFarlane became a series regular he's like, another Julia? For realism, he has to be around, but he averages about two lines per episode now. At least when he guest-starred, he had some scenes. Doubt he's complaining, though. Anyway, Scotty sarcastically thanks Saul for "the strong-armed phone call," but Saul passes the blame onto his sister, and then Scotty wonders if Tommy's even going to tell her, and Saul speculates that there's a bit of denial involved, much as there's going to be "a bit" of drama at dinner. Kevin then gets the line of the episode as he asks where "Harold and Maude" are, and Saul doesn't miss a beat as he says Maude's in the kitchen and Harold's upstairs. Justin then rolls in on the phone with Rebecca, and when he gets off, Sarah snarks that maybe she should have invited Joe just to make the tension level even higher. Well, as long as he washes his hair and leaves the guitar at home. Justin says that Tommy needs to deal with it, which is Tommy's cue to enter and aggressively ask, "Deal with what?" The fact that you're getting canned? Oh, wait, I lapsed into addressing Balthazar Getty there. Sarah tattles that Justin invited Rebecca, but Justin corrects her that it was Nora, actually, and Rebecca has every right to be there. Justin and Tommy start to get into it, prompting urgent muttering from everyone in the room until Nora comes in and admonishes them for all the whispering. Tommy's actually about to come clean, but then Nora barrels on and makes it clear she thinks all the hushed talk is about Ryan, and after the usual Wacky Strains Of Conversations At Cross Purposes, Nora tells them to be nice and be themselves. Kevin: "Be nice or be ourselves, which is it?" Kevin's on fire tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Starting drinking early certainly has its advantages. Anyway, Ryan makes his appearance and tentatively greets everyone, and the kids take advantage of the opportunity to forestall talking about Tommy by being fakely and overly demonstrative toward a delighted Ryan. Seeing Justin even hug his half-brother, Nora whispers to Saul, "I asked them to be themselves. Who the hell are these people?" I laugh and laugh into the commercial break.

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Brothers and Sisters




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