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In typical Brothers & Sisters fashion, apparently a few weeks (months?) have passed since we last joined the Walkers. I'm going to assume they spent the time 1) drinking, 2) on the phone, and 3) drinking while on the phone. Amid that busy schedule and their purported day jobs, Kevin and Scotty also managed to squeeze in a few visits to Olivia, the poor little foster girl who caught their hearts in her magic dimples. The foster care licensor and/or adoption specialist (same same?) informs them that the visits have been going well and it is now time for an overnight visit. Scotty and Kevin are excited about the prospect and they have been preparing for their new role by hosting Paige while Sarah is out of town and Joe is, presumably, off washing his hair and Cooper is, presumably, in a Ritalin-induced coma until he turns 18.

The social worker reminds them that this is a big change for Olivia and she might start acting disinterested to avoid getting hurt again. You know, like Kitty did before she boned the bipolar plumber. Kevin nods knowingly. Olivia comes in then looking as adorably Punky Brewster-ish as ever. After confirming that the accommodations are up to her exacting standards (what's the thread count? free continental breakfast?), she agrees to spend the weekend at The Loft. Then she gives Scotty a big old hug that Kevin awkwardly third-wheels onto.

Kitty is leaving The Barista in charge of Evan as she dashes out to do a few errands. This is a marked improvement for Kitty since it appears she actually remembered she had a child. I say, BRAVO. The Barista reminds us that he is in grad school by, you know, publicly reading Moby Dick, but then he ruins his believability by complaining that Melville goes on too long. No real grad student would dare to besmirch the works of Melville and instead would devote their life to convincing others of how funny Moby Dick is and not just in that dirty-joke-punchline sort of way, but ACTUALLY funny. Unless, of course, said graduate student wanted to make a point of not liking Melville and spending his career in the academy denouncing Melville as a fraud and a racist. Either of those two options are completely believable, but just dismissing him as wordy? NO.

Then he kisses Kitty and asks her about what she learned during the past semester. The semester is over already? What time is it in Walkerlandia? DO NOT SAY TIME TO GET A WATCH. I mean wasn't it just Christmas? Well, whatever wormhole Walkerlandia exists in, the semester is over and Kitty failed to get her MRS degree, but she did find a nice barista who is willing to babysit in a pinch and doesn't charge her more than $11/hour and doesn't eat all the ice cream in the freezer, which is pretty hard to come by in this neighborhood. Kitty looks all kinds of vague as she talks about her trip and her return to teaching, but Seth is too busy nuzzling the back of her head like he's a drunken llama at the kiddy zoo to notice.

Now Kevin and Scotty are preparing themselves to be parents by going to fake Ikea and buying a desk whose half-life is directly proportional to the amount of time it takes to find the Allen wrench to tighten the last screw. Saul is there to helpfully point out that they are holding the directions upside down halfway through the project. Also to announce that he is no longer working at the Gay and Lesbian Center (which apparently was not named via focus group) because he found that Jonathan works there and he wants nothing to do with That Guy. Can you blame Saul for feeling like this? Saul was in love with him, he was the only man Saul slept with for a century (what? he's old), and then gave Saul HIV and didn't tell him because he didn't even remember sleeping with him. Yeah, the guy's a dick.

Before he can delve into the details, he notices that Paige is standing, like, right there listening to the story of how her great uncle got HIV. Good story, Saul! Tell it again but with more detail. Paige is all squirrelly and her wily uncles who are wise to the ways of teen girls (actually in Walkerlandia time Paige is probably 27 by now although she doesn't look a day over 24) quickly realize that something is up. Paige suggests a family walk through the streets of L.A., so they know she is hiding something, nay, someone in her room. Scotty orders whoever it is to come out and Paige looks much abashed as a blond football player comes out of hiding. Bus-TED. Also, please let Paige be pregnant, please let Paige be pregnant.

Meanwhile, Nora has arrived on the once hostile shores of Holly and David's house. David has called her because he and Holly are moving back to New York because he is teaching a class in cinematography. But Holly is refusing to pack her boxes or even move them to the garage and David has HAD IT UP TO HERE and he has opted to bring in a proper grown up for the job: Nora. I am not quite sure why he thinks Nora would be a great addition to this family squabble or why she would agree to come, because awkward much? David tells Nora to make Holly pack and Holly is standing right there arguing that she's just not ready. Nora shrugs and Holly demands more time. To emphasize her point she marches off. David cancels the car service, but Nora wrestles the phone out of his hand and tells the car to come. She promises David that she will get Holly to New York even if it kills them both or is, you know, just really freaking awkward for everyone.

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