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Those Crazy Kids
o not only is a REAL doctor, but just came back from saving lives in Africa. Also, he has a British accent. Boys, if you don't know this about girls, let me clue you into something: We are just plain silly over boys with British accents. Seriously. We can't help it. Justin's manhood shrinks ever so slightly. Dr. Rick sits Justin down and makes him feel smaller and smaller and smaller, first by pointing out that the life-saving medical procedure may not have been wise, and then by giggling with Annie about back in the day and their wild college life. Justin looks very unhappy, but when Annie gets called away, Dr. Rick promises to go in front of the Board and tell them that Justin did the right thing.

Kevin and Scotty wait for Punky Brewster and try to figure out how to navigate the thorny waters (can water be thorny? just go with it) of parenting a kid who has been in the foster care system for nine years and has some issues that go along with her sticky fingers. (Tip: Just watch lots of episodes of Friday Night Lights and emulate everything Coach and Tammy Taylor do.) They try to explain to Olivia that stealing wallets is wrong, but they still want to be her daddies. Olivia is not interested. She runs screaming from the room swearing she never wants to see them again. Oh well! Don't worry, Scotty and Kevin, there are 29,999 other foster kids to pick from in the greater Los Angeles area.

Sarah is folding laundry when Paige comes home and the mopey cold teenage-fueled fireworks start. Paige wants to explain, but Sarah won't let her. She was sneaking around, inviting boys to her uncles' home, and lying about it. She's grounded. Paige protests that it's not fair that Sarah's not giving her a chance to defender herself and just assuming she did something bad, but Sarah just gives her the old mom stink eye, reminds her that girls get pregnant, and Paige clams up. No one wants to have the "this is how girls get pregnant" talk with their mom.

Saul is working at the restaurant when Jonathan whose Native American name is apparently "Can't-Take-A-Hint" shows up because he was just in the neighborhood and wanted to say hi. Saul decides to burn that bridge right now and tells Jonathan that whether he wants absolution or just a free cup of joe, he's not getting either. Jonathan plays dumb: I thought we were friends once. Saul doinks him in the forehead, because no, they weren't. Jonathan finally catches a clue and realizes that demanding forgiveness for giving someone a chronic if not life threatening illness is pretty ballsy. He apologizes and promises not to darken Saul's doorway again.

Holly is cracking eggs one-handed, which is a great party trick, except that the reason she has to do it is because her arm is in a brace. She injured herself during the hike, but Nora is not apologetic because she got lots of knitting done in the emergency room AND she warned Holly not to wear those shoes. I think we are understanding why Nora has no other friends. Nora chirps that she has the best idea for tomorrow: COLONICS. Can you imagine a WORSE group activity? No, you can't. Holly chugs some wine, trying to remember if she and Nora are actually friends or if this is some Sandra Bullock movie-style plot where Nora is making fun with the brain damaged lady. She opts to glares at Nora, hard, and then launches into a tirade about how Nora is trying to help her all right... right into an early grave. Holly reminds Nora that she did not call into her radio show looking for advice, she is just trying to sort some things out and, you know, get over her traumatic brain injury. In response Nora perkily chirps that she is so excited to have a roommate. That's when Holly realizes the game: Nora IS trying to Nora Walker her into moving to New York. The verb form of Nora Walker apparently means: Beat someone into submission with seemingly harmless activities. Holly runs screaming from the house, which truly is the only appropriate response.

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Brothers and Sisters




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