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After facing Olivia's rejection, Kevin and Scotty don't know what to do. Should they take her at her word and not adopt her? Or should they recognize the fact that she is damaged and even though she hates them adopt her anyway and hope she learns to like them the way they learned to like Bruno on Dancing with the Stars even though he is an insult to quiet talkers everywhere? They turned to Sarah for advice, because she is a parent to teens and has seen it all and, also, has no other storyline happening because Luc is off in "China" a.k.a. guest starring on Castle. Sarah tells them to man up. Parenting involves a lot of decisions that children hate. You take them to the dentist, you make them stay in a sport they signed up for, you tell them no they can't watch Dancing with the Stars and root for Lisa Rinna. It's what parenting is all about. You love them like crazy and they hate you, but underneath all that hate and loathing there is love, which manifests itself in lousy breakfasts in bed on calendar-mandated occasions and hugs when you buy them the latest Zac Efron DVD. Sarah ends her lecture by saying that she can't imagine two better parents than Scotty and Kevin and she knows they will handle the challenges gracefully. Scotty and Kevin are all teary eyed at the end of the speech.

Luckily, Paige comes in to ruin the mood before anyone can actually cry or hug. Sarah asks Paige if she has something to say to her uncles? Paige rolls her eyes and apologizes... even though nothing bad happened. Sarah gives her a warning look and Paige stops. But then she starts again: She wanted Kevin and Scotty to know that Sean thinks he's gay and wanted to talk to them about it. Sarah spits out her coffee. Uh oh, looks like Paige had a good excuse after all! Sort of... still doesn't explain why she was trying to sneak him into and out of their house. But at least possibly gay teen boys don't knock up girls too often! Paige marches upstairs to finish her homework and blast "Parents Just Don't Understand" or whatever teenage rebellion song the kids are listening to these days.

Kitty has broken the news to The Barista that she is going away for two weeks and maybe the rest of her life. Surprise! He is not exactly thrilled at the news. Kitty just stares straight ahead and won't make eye contact with him. He paces the room and demands honesty from Kitty. Is it because he's too young? Kitty dances around the issue claiming it's complicated, but when pressed, agrees that it is because he is too young for her. She can't go to Washington with a grad student on her arm. Seth storms out, which, yeah: wouldn't you? I mean just last week... er, two months ago? Your love life was tabloid fodder, you had gone "viral" in a non-STD kind of way, you had paparazzi stalking you and you and your mom had to have a heart-to-heart about your sex life and then * whammo * she leaves you for the Beltway traffic, sweater sets, and the marbled columns of D.C.? Yeah, The Barista gets to be pissed. But there is something about Kitty's story which is not ringing true. Something else is going on, but it's not clear what. Is that... could it be... a plot developing?

Justin has decided to look his gift horse in the mouth and demands to know if Dr. Rick is helping Justin to help Justin or to help himself to Annie? Dr. Rick pats little Justin on the head, don't worry paramedic, Dr. Rick has saved the day and the scary Board has already dismissed the charges or whatever they call them and the issue is done. As for Annie, he hasn't seen her this happy in a long time. Annie comes up just then and is thrilled that this really inane plotline is already over. Dr. Rick nods, goes back to his day job, and Justin stands there scratching his head. You and me both, dude. What was the point of this? Why am I here? Whatever: Nice story, show, tell it again!

Nora drives her Prius over to Holly's old house where, sure enough, she is there staring at the boxes of history in the garage. Holly snarkily asks if Nora came to show her how to make chutney out of watermelon rinds. Nora smirks at the funny, but, no, watermelon isn't in season so instead she came to apologize. She was just trying to help but ended up annoying Holly AND herself. Holly nods that Nora was really annoying, but it's made her realize that she wants to be as far away from the Walkers as possible. Now she just has to face her fears and get on a plane to New York City. Nora nods that it is a big step. Holly has bigger concerns: What if David only wants Holly to come to New York with him because he feels responsible for her? She doesn't want to keep dangling hope in front of him... and especially Rebecca. You know, the daughter she doesn't remember? Nora chides her for being so down on herself. She is a delight and David and Rebecca would be lucky to have her in their lives even if she can't remember who they are or why she is supposed to like them. Holly stares at the boxes wistfully and then slowly suggests that she could just send them to New York and go through them there. Nora takes one look at the boxes and suggests Holly burn the whole lot of them. Except this one with pictures of her in it. But the rest? TORCH 'EM. For some reason Holly thinks a bonfire at the beach sounds like a great plan. I mean, what else do you do with old tax returns and playbills from 1988? Burn baby burn!

Holly and Nora head to the beach and Holly reclaims her future by torching the past. Isn't that poetic? Extremely unlikely, but poetic. Although a bonfire of tax returns on the beach does smack of some impending midlife crisis and I half expect Holly and Nora to strip naked and go skinny dipping and then schedule in some running with the wolves before their colonics.

Saul is back at the Gay and Lesbian Center and he has called Jonathan in for a talk. He was rude to him yesterday and wanted to apologize for that. He knows that Jonathan is a different person than who he was fifty years ago and Saul is a different person too. The world has changed for gay people and Saul is trying to get hip with the times. Saul forgives Jonathan. He wanted to say that before he died. (What? He's old.) Jonathan seems to truly appreciate the sentiment. Then Saul makes it less kind and more creepy by adding that he fantasized about Jonathan for years. He never missed Jonathan's on-air appearances because even though he was drunk, he was also hot and Saul needed something to keep him going on those long lonely nights when all he had for company was Jonathan on the TV and good old lefty. I mean: Ew. Then the phones start ringing and Saul has to get to work, leaving Jonathan to use his imagination. That's good Saul, always leave them wanting more.

Scotty and Kevin have made a decision: They are going to be parents. Specifically, Olivia's parents. They meet with her and lay out the ground rules: No more stealing. If she needs money, she will ask them and they can discuss it. They are going to be her parents and there is nothing she can do to stop that. She points out that she stole from them, why do they still want her? Scotty sits down in front of her and gently explains that he thinks she is a smart, strong, beautiful girl who got scared that she was going to be hurt again and decided to take action. But they are going to be a family and they all need to accept it. They don't hug though, so I'm not really feeling it. Okay, fine. I felt it. Shut up.

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Brothers and Sisters




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