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After burning all her possessions and, I assume, having a naked swim with Nora and an enervating colonic, Holly is ready to go to New York. Since she torched everything there is nothing to pack and the house is empty. Nora, Justin, and Sarah have come to say goodbye and send her off. Sarah kindly offers to giver her a job whenever she wants, Justin asks her to say hello to Rebecca for him, and then Saul rushes in to bid adieu to his former beard. He won't say goodbye, though, but simply see you later because he goes to New York twice a year and he will see her soon. Holly sends the Walkers off so she can bid farewell to her home and life and role on this show. So long, Holly! Hope you remember you have a daughter! And it's not Rebecca!

Kitty is in Washington, D.C. with The Senator's ex-wife. I guess his death has made them friends. They are having a conversation, but it doesn't make any sense. Kitty tells The Ex (no, I am not using my newfound IMDB skills to bother looking that one up) that if her family calls just pretend she is out or at a meeting or something. Kitty thanks her for that (which actually does make sense) and then tells her that she will call once a day to check in. Umm... what? Kitty laughs and apologizes in advance because she will call in ten times a day to check on Evan. Umm...what? Kitty grabs her son and hugs him close and promises that Mommy will come back. Mommies ALWAYS come back. He says he doesn't want her to go, but he's a really shit actor and they send him off to play in the other room with his big half-brother and sister. Kitty looks very forlorn as she sits by herself in her dead husband's ex-wife's living room. Hmm. Is her cancer back and she doesn't want to tell anyone about a risky new treatment? Or is she taking The Senator's new deep cover job? Whatever it is it is FAR more interesting than anything else that has happened on this show recently.

Back in California, Nora and Saul are having a family movie night. Nora found a bunch of movies in William's things that were in Holly's boxes and she can't quite figure them out. You see, they are movies of Nora, but not of William and Nora and their life together, but of Nora and the guy she was dating before William. William was having her followed. Whoa. Wait. Is this show going to get watchable again? Wow. I will confess, I am intrigued.

Lulu Bates a.k.a. Melissa Locker can't believe she watched the whole thing. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

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