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My Dinner With Awkward, Part II
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Previously on Brothers & Sisters, Kitty and Robert got married amid the allegations about his dubious military heroism finally coming to light, and also despite the fact that Kitty very much wants a baby and Robert very much does not. Justin took Lena to said wedding, only to find out that he was really escorting his brother's sloppy extramarital seconds, which caused scuffling and bad feelings between Justin and Tommy. Kevin and Sarah found themselves in the loop on that particular scandale as well. Nora met Isaac for the second time, and was kind of taken with him and the dozens upon dozens of future Republican-vs.-Democrat arguments they could share. Holly got a visit from an old -- and, I'm guessing, fertile -- friend. And Scotty put Kevin on notice for not being entirely over Jason. Also previously, creator Jon Robin Baitz was employed by the show. That is no longer the case.

So we're back, for the final three episodes in this strike-shortened season, before ABC turns the entirety of Sunday nights over to (let's assume) Ty Pennington. We open at McCallister campaign headquarters, where the helpful TV anchor is telling me that Robert's chief rival, Governor Adamson, seems to be solidifying his lead in the race for the Republican nomination. Isaac, who now appears to be working full-time for the McC campaign, gets a phone call from Nora, who is just filled to the brim with bullshit about how she's looking for Kitty and couldn't get ahold of her so she dug up Isaac's number that he gave her at the wedding. The truth, as one look at Nora will tell you, is that she's sweet on him. She pulls faces like there's no tomorrow while trying to come up with some kind of acceptable small talk, but while Isaac isn't exactly uninterested, he is quite busy, and eventually he asks Nora if there's any kind of urgent message he should be passing on to Kitty. Nora panics and eventually settles on, "Tell her I miss her," before cringing at her own lameness. Isaac brightly says Nora can tell her that herself, because the McC campaign is rolling into California tomorrow. Nora, thinking quickly, says she's planning a family dinner on Saturday and would Isaac like to come? Isaac thinks that would be very nice, and when Robert, Kitty, and Travis come hustling into the office, he says he has to go. After she hangs up, Nora looks exhausted, yet also pleased with herself for mustering the courage to weave such a web of man-trapping lies.

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