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Valentine's Day Massacre
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It's Valentine's Day in Walkerlandia! To mark the occasion Nora is on the air publicly using the word "canoodling" (which I always thought was only for use in print publications like gossip rags and Page Six or, you know, here) and disparaging her listeners for spending the day on the couch in a three-armed Snuggie. Yes, such things exist in these marvelous modern times of ours. Here's a link so you can go see it yourself. After you click on that link, will you tell me whether the man featured in it is real or CGI? I stared at it for an embarrassingly long amount of time and truly can't tell.

Anyway Nora is definitely on Team Anti-Valentine's, which isn't exactly surprising considering how much the writers on this show hate her and never ever want to see her happy or in love. I mean, what kind of show would this be if Nora was happy and mildly distracted from the minutiae of her children's lives? As soon as Nora gets off the air, Sarah (who sure hangs around that radio station a lot for all her swearing she would never be there) barges into the booth and demands that her mother play nice with the listeners or else Sarah will be forced to fire her own mother. Don't think she won't do it either, because she totally will. Nora glares at her, but Sarah ignores it and puts on her bossy boss face and tells Nora that she is going to personally bankrupt the radio station with all her doom and gloom and lonely hearts nonsense. Plus! She dumped Dr. Carl and he was forced to quit his job to get far far away from Nora even though he was the most successful radio show they had on the air and he had been there far longer than Nora had. He still had to quit! Geez, what did Nora do to him that was so awful he had no choice but to quit a good job in this economy? Did she glare? Did she stare? Did she ignore? Oh the horror!

Nora just shrugs because it wasn't her fault that Carl was a candyass who couldn't stand a little break up drama. Sarah then says something about Nora mooning over Carl and Nora snaps that she's not upset over Carl, she is daydreaming of a different fellow all together. Sarah is intrigued, but Nora refuses to give names. Let me guess. Brody? The guy you dated fifty years and five kids ago? You're screwing up your job over that guy? Brilliant. Sarah accuses Nora of having gone "dark" and orders her to get her "Mom" back. Nora growls at the prospect of being nice. Sally Fields is a great actress. She makes all the insane writing on this show and the mood swings and cyclical behavior of her character almost seem normal. Almost.

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