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Previously on Brothers & Sisters: Tommy wanted to team up with Holly to buy a winery, and Sarah got pissy about it; Justin got busy with Tyler, possibly ill-advisedly; Sarah and Joe had marital problems; McCallister admitted to Kitty that he's running for president; Sarah outed Rebecca's existence to Tommy and Kevin, but ordered them to keep it from Nora; Chad wigged out a little when he thought Kevin hadn't kept their relationship on the DL; and Rebecca made her grand and unexpected entrance, stunning Tommy.

Early morning at McCallister's ranch. Kitty sleepily rolls over to find Robert already sitting up and frowning at the paper -- specifically, at an editorial claiming that one of his opponents' daughters is "too fat to be First Daughter." He sighs that the girl in question is "thirteen," and goes on to talk about his kids going through a divorce and how they don't need to be judged. "Not to mention," he adds, and gestures at Kitty, and she's like, ohhhhhh no, "I'm not gonna be a factor in that decision." Robert tells her very seriously that there's "no way" they can have a normal relationship; somehow managing not to roll her eyes at the fact that this has just occurred to him, Kitty says, "Okay," before patiently pointing out that, yes, running for president does have "personal costs," but they can still be a normal couple. "How?" he snorts, and Kitty suggests sleeping in a bit longer as a start. "Oh, is that what normal couples do?" he asks, and as she's saying yes, they start making out, which they both confirm is also normal.

Holly Estates. With Saul hovering nearby, Holly is trying to get her fancy new coffeemaker to work, but it's just spraying water around and making scary noises, which prompts a lot of giggling on both their parts, and it's really not that funny or interesting, but this is totally how couples behave early in the relationship -- you know, "this isn't merely uncooperative scalding-hot water, it's an adventure we're sharing!" After a particularly ominous gurgle, Holly concedes that she should read the manual, and as she leafs through it, Saul puts an arm around her. Rebecca comes in a second later, chattering about how she got stuck in traffic and missed brunch, but although Saul discreetly removes his arm, Rebecca pulls up short, apologizing pointedly for interrupting. Holly makes the introductions, and Saul tells Rebecca that her mother "never said that you were so lovely." Rebecca spikes a brow and says "lovely" isn't a word she thinks Holly uses to describe her; Holly, unfazed by the 'tude, reminds Rebecca that that's a compliment and she should say "thank you," which Rebecca dutifully does. Rebecca then crosses behind Saul in search of cereal so that Saul is in the foreground of the shot with his back to both Harpers, looking like he just swallowed an orange-sized ball of steel wool. He makes his excuses, and after he's taken his leave, Rebecca gives Holly shit about the "mid-morning booty call," and when Holly admits that she and Saul "seeing each other," Rebecca, settling down with a crossword, says that that clarifies the "sudden windfall" and all the new toys around the house. Holly denies that Saul has anything to do with that, and lie-of-omissions that, as she already told Rebecca, "a close friend died and left [her] some money." Rebecca isn't buying that, but doesn't press. Holly goes on to talk about how it's "a good thing," how Rebecca could go back to school, take art classes, travel, whatever she wants: "The point is, we have options. Why can't you be happy?" Because she got embroiled in a Nabokovianly creepy affair with a teacher who then killed himself? Just a shot in the dark here. Rebecca betrays no hint of that, of course, grumping instead that she'd be a lot happier if the coffee machine worked. Holly laughs and goes back to the manual.

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