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s in to... well, watch Nora work. Nora is grumbling about how Gabriella left her with all the work, but you can't expect the star of The Rhapsody of the Flesh to cook, now can you? When Sarah giggles that Dr. Carl has the hots for Luc's mom, Nora groans and then finally admits that she likes likes Dr. Carl. Sarah demands that she go out there and stake her claim to her man. Nora finds Gabriella dancing barefoot on her coffee table, which is very spontaneous but far far too unsanitary. Dr. Carl sits and stares at her feet, composing his own little rhapsody of the flesh. In his pants. Nora gapes in horror. Not only that her man is smitten, but that there are BARE FEET on her coffee table! Nora goes to turn on the Leonard Bernstein television program, but Dr. Carl doesn't need no stinking PBS show when he has a real life movie star dancing in front of him. Gabriella insists that Nora come up and dance for Dr. Carl, but Nora takes a page from Luc's book and wisely says, "NON!" Bravo, Nora. A woman in her sixties (or really any age) could come to regret dancing on the coffee table for a man come morning time.

She retreats to the safety of her kitchen and to check on her lamb and leaves the dancing to the French. Nora tells Sarah that she forfeits, but Sarah has a plan: She will lure Gabriella away and nicely sloshed Nora can make her big move. Nora moans that has no moves (and she looks almost comatose from the hooch), but Sarah goes out and tries unsuccessfully to lure Gabriella away from Carl. Luckily Justin and his man musk show up just in time. Sarah returns to the kitchen to find Nora completely past the tipping point.

The doorbell rings, adding to the madcap caperness of the episode. Dr. Carl comes in to point out that the doorbell is ringing and Sarah goes to answer, leaving Nora and Dr. Carl alone. Dr. Carl kindly offers to help cook, but is too drunk to tie his own apron. (Definitely let him near a knife and hot stove, then) so Nora makes her move. She ties the apron strings and leans in for a kiss. But Dr. Carl reacts with surprise, causing Nora to react with horror and shame. She runs out to the sound of Dr. Carl yelling, "No wait!" But her horror does not stop because then she finds Justin and Gabriella doing the lambada (yes, the forbidden dance) on the coffee table. She and Sarah shriek, "NOooooooooooooooo!" in unison, but it's too late. Their lips have touched... and Luc has seen it. To his credit, when Justin finally finds out the crazy lady dancing on the coffee table is Luc's mother, he reacts with horror. Luc is fuming with anger. He is so angry he yells at her in English: She tore his family apart in France, and she is trying to tear this one apart, too. He wants nothing to do with her! Okay, hold up. Not about the Luc being pissed part, because: yeah. That's pretty much the last thing anyone wants to see. Except maybe that. But how does Justin go from confused disgust to making out with a drunk older lady in three minutes flat? What is wrong with him? Yech.

The next day, Justin leaves Nora a voicemail to both apologize and to remind her that he put everyone's keys in a safe spot so that no one would be tempted to drive. He's skeevy, yet considerate. As soon as he steps foot in the restaurant, Scotty wants to talk. Justin admits that he got a little carried away and is sorry for the impact on Scotty. Scotty appreciates that. Also, he is putting a moratorium on workplace hookups. What? Why would you work at a restaurant if you can't hook up with the hot chef after your shift? Geez. Also, Scotty? Kind of hypocritical. Yeah, I said it.

Over at Walker Manor, Dr. Carl is passed out on the couch, when Nora wakes him with a big cup of coffee. After her rejected kiss, Nora keeps a very large distance between them and stiffly hands him the mug and his car keys. She tells him that she values their friendship and their working relationship and hopes he can forgive her. Dr. Carl begs her to sit down to talk. You see, he was under the mistaken impression that she wanted a platonic relationship, so when she leaned in for the kiss, he was surprised. By the time he got over his surprise, Nora was gone. He like likes Nora and invited her to watch Leonard Bernstein, because nothing sets the mood for love among the NPR-set like Leonard Bernstein. It's like Barry White for the 50 year olds, Luther Vandross for the 40 year olds, Massive Attack for the 30 year olds, and Vampy Weekend for the 20s. Teens don't have sex. Nora looks happily surprised, but then remembers something: What was with all the Gabriella gawking then? Dr. Carl laughs that she is a classic narcissist and not at all a suitable match for anyone. Nora smiles happily, but reminds Carl that it is all a bit complicated because they are co-workers and she values their two-day old friendship. Carl promises to always be her friend, baby. DON'T FALL FOR IT, NORA! HE SAYS THAT TO ALL THE LADIES. THEY ALL SAY THAT TO ALL THE LADIES. CAPSLOCK!!!!!ELEVEN1!!!!!

Sarah is nursing her own hangover when Luc comes in to apologize for totally ruining the super fun party. He blames himself. If he had come when Sarah had asked him to, he could have put a stop to all the shenanigans. And there were a lot of shenanigans. Sarah says it's fine. She is pretty sure the party would have turned south (hell is south, right?) regardless of when he arrived. That said, she understands that he has mommy issues, but she doesn't understand why he can't talk to her about them. Luc takes off his coat and asks Sarah what she wants to know. Sarah oddly decides the most important thing to know is why Luc never told her his mother was a famous actress? Luc claims he never saw the film she was in because it was just another thing that was more important than him. She left him and his father when he was six, she came back, she left again. She destroyed his father, his family, and his heart. Sarah wisely says that Gabriella will never be the mother she should have been, but now it is up to Luc to decide whether he wants the mother he got. Sarah is so full of preternatural maternal wisdom for being hungover.

Gabriella is packed and ready to go. Nora swears she is not angry that Gabriella made out with her son. Justin was emitting that musky smell! Gabriella couldn't help herself! Heck, Nora could hardly help herself! Nora settles onto the stair next to Gabriella to share her theory: She and Gabriella were both scared of rejection and retreated to their safe places. For Nora, the kitchen; for Gabriella, the coffee table with a younger man. It is completely natural. Gabriella risks wrinkles and moans that she made Luc very angry. He is immune to her charms. Nora points out that you can't charm your son, you just have to be yourself. Gabriella thinks it is just too late.

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Brothers and Sisters




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