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Justin continues to make amends. Kevin is next on his list. Kevin claims he doesn't need an apology, but Justin insists that after Scotty, Freezer Girl, Storage Girl, and Nora, Kevin is next. Justin needs to give Captain Happy a break and to work on that he is quitting. Scotty is not sad to see him go. Kevin laughs that Scotty fired him for his lackluster performance as a lunch host. Guess it's back to lawyering! I think this scene was exclusively here to give Kevin more screen time this episode.

Nora and Dr. Carl are reading the paper and drinking coffee when Luc and Sarah come over. Luc apologizes to Carl for the scene and goes to find his mother. Sarah, Nora, and Dr. Carl all listen intently as French voices rise, and then dishes and stereotypes about "the very expressive" French start flying. After the third or fourth dish shatters, Nora goes to peek at whether they are hurling the good china at each other. Can you imagine throwing someone else's dishes? You would think Luc would put a stop to that pretty quickly. As Nora goes to eavesdrop and maybe save the dishes, Sarah blithely ignores her screaming spouse and calmly stirs her coffee, offers to pay for the damages, and asks Dr. Carl about his theory on how men marry women like their mothers. Dr. Carl acknowledges that she is not as dramatic as Gabriella, but she is strong and independent. Luc chose a mate that has all his mother's best traits, but can also give him the close family he wanted. Sarah stares at the magic words spilling out of Dr. Carl's mouth. Suddenly there is silence. Is everyone unconscious? No. They are hugging. Then we get a montage of all the Walkers in all their houses watching The Rhapsody of the Flesh. Then we see Nora and Dr. Carl kiss as they watch Luc's mom. Then we see Luc, Sarah, and Gabriella cuddling on the couch. That's not weird at all.

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Brothers and Sisters




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