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The New Age Headache
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Lazybones Rebecca is snuggled up in bed when Justin gives her a full-body wake up call. She grouses that she has a headache and Justin balks, because they aren't even married yet. Rebecca glares at him and reminds "Dr." Justin that she just had the flu. This does not dampen Justin's er...morning drive, but Rebecca knocks him off of her. Justin sublimates his desire for her into a desire to diagnose her. Apparently freshmen in Justin's magical MD/BA program get to take clinical diagnosis and he is raring to play "Name that Disease." Rebecca is not really interested, but Justin persists and diagnoses her with either Ojai Food Poisoning or Idiopathic Wedding Planitis and then I kick in the screen on my television just to shut him the hell up. Rebecca rolls her eyes and points at the clock and, mercifully, Justin has to get to magic school.

Scotty is shocked to find out that the Evil Empire Bank has reduced their line of credit based on the real estate prices in their neighborhood. Now they don't have enough to pay for the baby! Banks hate gay people! Where are the pitchforks and torches?! Scotty sighingly decides to cater more in order to make up the difference. Kevin points out that they need at least $50,000 and that is a lot of canap├ęs and crudite. And Kevin wants to contribute too, but has no way of getting more work other than pilfering campaign contributions. Since The Senator is still a Republican, Scotty thinks it is a great idea. Kevin laughs, but frankly, Scotty, with Kevin's family history of purloining funds, maybe you shouldn't encourage him. Anyway, The Senator's not half as bad as the new guy in the primary who is a far-right wing conservative who is definitely not gay friendly. Kevin promises to get the money somehow (remember, he does come from a long line of embezzlers) and heads out the door... only to slam it shut when he sees a masked man right outside who is armed and dangerous and charging! Kevin screams for Scotty to call the police! Scotty however isn't really moving, but is staring at the door with his head cocked slightly. He knows that masked man. It's his dad. He's just dressed as a superhero from one of Scotty's beloved childhood comics. Kevin stares at him because unwittingly marrying a role player has got to be unnerving. Kevin shakes his head slowly and unlocks the door. Scotty's dad, Wally, has taken his mask off. Kevin says hello, and Wally, looking sheepish, says hello, too. Scotty gives his dad a big hug, while his dad explains that there is a comic convention in town. He then blurts that Scotty's mom left him. Scotty's jaw drops. I can't say I would stay married to a man who dressed in full costume and flew around the country to comic conventions either. A girl has limits.

Over at Walker Manor, Kitty is looking for her keys, while Nora is looking for the paper work she needs for her meeting. She has a benefit tonight for the Nora McDonald House and she is going to be late for the final board meeting. Kitty reminds her that perfectionists have far more stress than normal people and Nora is like, "And?" because that is really not surprising in the least. Nora rants and raves about the amount of work she has to do and Kitty shakes her head no no no NO. Nora must lose the stress and reserve her adrenaline. Nora snorts that she doesn't need any more adrenaline. And I am glad that Nora, like SkyNet, is self-aware. Kitty shrugs and announces that she will be back in a few hours. Nora says goodbye, thinks about it for a second and chases Kitty down to remind her that she has a doctor's appointment today. Kitty replies that she cancelled her appointment because she wants to go dress shopping instead of getting filled with chemicals and prodded with needles. Can't really blame her, right? Nora presses further and realizes that Kitty isn't planning on going back to her doctor at all and instead has opted for the finest positive thinking that money can buy. Kitty announces that she is quitting chemo. Nora's jaw drops and she starts sputtering like a motorboat, but Kitty stops her and reminds her that she is the one going through this and it is her choice. The only one who can help her is her. And maybe Deepak Chopra. And maybe Oprah Winfrey. Kitty turns her back on Nora and walks out.

Kevin and The Senator have a lot of work to do, but Kevin is late due to the whole Scotty's caped crusader of a father thing. The Senator is in no mood to chit-chat because a far right conservative candidate has entered the Republican primary and The Senator doesn't abide no racists. Consider his mood dampened. Apparently the candidate, Henderson, enjoys politics, Glenn Beck, long walks on the beach, single malt Scotch, and race baiting. The Senator is not in the mood for this chucklehead, but they are both going to be at an event later. Kevin warns The Senator to not engage, at the risk of alienating the asshat wing of the Republican party. But, really Kevin? Like far right-wingers would vote for The Senator anyway. He pals around with gay people and Democrats and the Walkers, so he can probably feel free to alienate them on principle if he feels like it. The Senator thinks the debate will be like a Vegas cage match, which sounds like AWESOME TELEVISION, (do you think The Senator will be shirtless again?) but Kevin reiterates his whole do-not-talk-to-crazy-people thing and The Senator thinks that would apply to, like, 90% of Kevin's family, and Kevin gets huffy and wants The Senator to let Gov. Kerns's campaign take care of Mr. Right Wing, because he is a bigger threat to her run. The Senator points out that vicious vitriol is a threat to the entire nation. Ooh I like The Senator when he's wearing his righteous indignation suit! When Kevin calls The Senator on his inability to play it cool, boy, cool, The Senator reminds Kevin that he wanted to drop out of the race, but Cancer Girl wouldn't let him. Kevin and The Senator both think Kitty is doing as well as can be expected. I guess they haven't gotten a frantic phone call from Nora yet.

Sarah and Saul are trying to work at her house instead of the fine looking offices over at Ojai. Luc is entertaining Paige and Cooper by trying to get the kids to renounce their red-blooded U.S. disinterest in soccer. Completely ignoring that traitorous behavior, Sarah is trying to convince Saul that Holly's cheap wine plan is a reasonable option. No matter how Sarah spins the numbers, Saul is not going to drink the Kool Aid on the bum wine project. The poor guy has only had about five lines this season that weren't about his dislike of cheap wine. While I appreciate a sensitive palate, he either needs to get on board or come up with a different scheme to make Ojai some money. Instead all he does is kvetch about rot gut and hangovers. The soccer ball lands on the table and Sarah gets her mom on and yells at Luc for playing with his balls inside the house. She doesn't even have the decency to blush. He takes the kids outside to play. Sarah rolls her eyes and Saul can't believe she would dare ROLL HER EYES at the hot Frenchman who is playing with her children while she works and put up with staying at her mother's and has charmed the entire family. What exactly is she rolling her eyes about? Sarah shrugs and the phone rings before Saul can throttle her. It is the phone call we have all been waiting for: Nora calling for help with the Kitty Situation. Nora had to leave the house for her meeting but she really needs Sarah to go and try and talk some sense into Miss Positive Thought. Obviously Sarah drops whatever she is doing (work, schmerk) and rushes over. I guess Luc will watch the kids. Ooh the next time someone asks who Luc is, she can introduce him as her au pair.

As he surveys Scotty's restaurant, Scotty's dad is impressed with Scotty's improved lot in life. Scotty reminds him that it's pretty much all uphill from when he lived in his car. His dad reminds him that he knew him when he lived in his crib. Scotty makes his scrunched up funny face and then tells his dad he is really sorry that his mom kicked him to the curb. Wall

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