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The New Age Headache

Justin apologizes to Rebecca for his hasty and non sequitur diagnosis yesterday. He claims that he has intern's disease (enough with the diagnoses!) and can't help but diagnose everyone in sight. Rebecca smiles and is about to say something, but he continues, because as a Walker he knows well that one should never stop talking if one hasn't put one's foot firmly in one's mouth. So he cuts Rebecca off and explains that he was glad he was wrong, because he can't imagine having a kid right now what with school and the wedding planning (isn't that damn thing planned yet?) and Kitty being sick and everything. He doesn't notice Rebecca's face fall and he doesn't notice that she is holding something. He kisses her on the forehead and rushes off to the library. Rebecca looks glumly down at the item in her hand. It's a pregnancy test...and it's positive. Because the world needs another Walker.

Did anyone else notice the best thing about this episode? That's right: No Holly, no Ryan, no Ojai, and no Dennis York. Think they can keep it up? Of course they can't.

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Brothers and Sisters




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