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Hey, guys! Before we get to the ep, a quick thanks to the lovely and dangerous Joe R for last week's excellent recap. Also, a word of warning: I haven't seen all the previous episodes yet, so I may express confusion over past plot points, but I'll get caught up shortly.

So, previously on Brothers & Sisters: Professor Coyote liked Nora's writing; Chad prepared to out himself, and Chad's manager scared Kevin by telling him that, if Chad came out, Kevin would be stuck with him for life; Nora snarled at Justin about "hanging out with" Rebecca; Kevin yoinked a hair from Rebecca for DNA-testing purposes, and Rebecca called him on it, then announced that she's not a part of the Walker family and never will be; Senator MisSpellister icily told Kitty he thought they had a connection, but he guesses he was wrong.

As West Wing-y soaring patriotic music plays, McCallister rehearses his announcement speech, all about missions and what's at stake and the courage of the American people. He segues into talking about his "crewmates, and the veterans here today," and the lessons he learned in Gulf I about America, and how, when they got back to the States, "we had a simple saying: 'Every day is an extra.'" Rob Lowe delivers that line as though he's in an SNL skit, which is a neat little acting choice. Then, a pause; McCallister bows his head, the Muted Trombones of Heroism die out on the soundtrack, and he mutters, "No, we didn't." Then, louder: "No. Who put this in here? Because God knows I didn't." In the house seats, Kitty says to the staffer next to her that she thinks they're going to have to take "about a fifteen." The staffer corrects her that it's "take five," and she's like, "Not in this case, alas," and walks reluctantly up to the podium. McCallister's all, I thought we weren't mentioning "the damn helicopter." Kitty points out that the entire announcement "centers around [his] heroism" in the helicopter rescue. McCallister objects to it as "grandstanding" that "reduces" him to a "prop," and then he insults the writing. Kitty throws a brow and informs him, "Campaigning is grandstanding, and if you're a prop you're a heroic one, and if you're mad at me, don't take it out on the speechwriter -- you have been cold, and you have been distant." Good points all. McCallister responds that he's three days away from kicking off his presidential campaign, so he's "a little tense." Also a good point. McCallister asks if they have to have this conversation here. "We're whis-pering," Kitty says. "In front of an open mic," McCallister says. Well, yeah. And, open mic or no, the other staffers will know what's going on. They live in the world and can read body language. Nice discretion, Kitty.

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