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Wasting away again in Arti-ritaville

Kitty and Sarah, drinking arti-ritas (hee! I wonder if that bar also serves art-inis) while Sarah gives Kitty shit for losing her mind. From the somewhat sloppy sound of things, they've already had a couple, and Kitty wants one more for the road, but Sarah says no: "You can't keep up with me. It'll only end in tears." Kitty mock-glares, so Sarah gives in and goes to the bar for another round, instructing Kitty not to drunk-dial any U.S. Senators. Heh -- although Sarah's one to talk; the last word comes out sounding like "Sehh-trz." Kitty mutters, "Oh, please," and then whips out her phone to do exactly that.

At the bar, Sarah orders two more arti-ritas; two boys sitting nearby offer to pay, and dorkishly try to pick her up.

Drunk-dial. Twirling a lock of hair around one finger, Kitty drunks to McCallister that everyone in Castroville "looooooves" him. Yeah, Kitty? He can't actually see you, and also, that's kind of not as cute as you think it is. McCallister says his multi-million-dollar check to the Chamber of Commerce must have cleared, but the joke sails right past -- or, rather, drowns in -- Kitty, who's all, "And guess who I met?" "Alice Webb, my high-school girlfriend," McCallister says crisply, knowing what's coming. Kitty: "What kind of a name is 'Alice,' anyway?" McCallister, mildly: "What kind of a name is 'Kitty'?" Zing! He tries to change the subject to the artichoke ice cream, but Kitty won't let him, baiting him with how she "got the dirt on" him from Alice -- in fact, Kitty could "hardly shut 'er up." On the other end, McCallister looks worried but doesn't say anything. "Are you still there?" Kitty asks. "You got so quiet." "Alice Webb's not a joke," he says, but Kitty isn't reading the room, and asks slyly what happened with Alice. He advises her to let it go, and she picks up the scent and wants to know let what go, and he signs off abruptly to go write his speech; he'll call her later. Kitty frowns at the phone.

Sarah comes back with the arti-ritas, telling the boys at the bar thanks and she'll see them there. She sing-songs to Kitty that she got them invited to a kegger, and triumphantly holds up a (green) napkin with the info on it. "Drink up, baby," she says, takes a giant slurp of her arti-rita, and throws a big thumbs-up in the direction of the bar. I love Road-Trip Sarah.

Kevin's chilling at home when a gossip blogger calls him for a comment on "Chad Barry's bold comin'-out." Kevin: "Henh?" Apparently, Chad has posted a post-de-closetation announcement on his personal website; as the blogger slags Chad for his "bad grammar" but calls the statement "pretty powerful stuff," Kevin quickly types in the URL. Cut to a shot of Chad's (fugly) site, and the letter, at the bottom of which is a pic of him with Kevin. The blogger asks if Kevin has any comment; Kevin does: "Bite me." He hangs up and stares at the computer.

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Brothers and Sisters




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