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I guess after Who's the Boss got canceled ABC had some 80s style rich people props lying around the lot, because as the two hour Brothers & Sisters movie event starts, we see a gold BMW accordioned into a telephone pole, like Mona had one two many white wine spritzers at the 60-40 bar and trashed Angela's car while she was driving and giving a BJ to an old sailor. Tony is going to be SO mad! Sitting on the curb is a young Tommy Walker talking on a cell phone as big as his head with his arm in a sling. Strangely, there are no cops gathered around him staring at the phone asking him if they can see it when he's done. Tommy apologizes to his mom. Cut to modern day where grown up Tommy is calling Nora who has been staring at some paper plates so long that Tommy is starting to wonder if they have mind melded with her and she is going to start screaming about double plating when eating greasy pizza. Nora snaps to and Tommy gently asks her if she is okay, because if she's not ready, they can just pretend the dinner is a welcome home supper for Tommy. Ooh a Walker family dinner. This should be great! Wait...paper plates? Nora must be really miserable and distracted if she is willing to destroy a forest for her own ease and convenience. Saul comes in and greets Tommy and then Kitty with mysteriously long hair. How much time has passed? She went from Sue Sylvester to a Power Bob in what should have been only a few days. I mean, how long was Nora in Seattle? Maybe it is due to Kitty's freakish metabolism. Continuity people get on this shit! Moving on: Everyone pours into Nora's kitchen and are surprised and a bit confused to see Tommy. Nora claims he is just there for a visit, but nobody believes that. Kitty inappropriately asks if he is engaged, which is seriously an odd thing to ask a guy who moved to Seattle to be near his recently ex-wife and child. Nora quiets everyone down so they can decide what to order and to delay the inevitable. But everyone wants Thai, because is there any other form of take out? No. And I'll fight you, so don't argue. So Nora's delay tactic didn't take and everyone stares at her silently, waiting for her to explain why she called an emergency meeting. I guess she also told them to leave their spouses/partners/boyfriends at home, because nary a Luc, Scotty, Senator, or Rebecca is in sight. As all her children stare at her, Nora gulps, takes a deep breathe, and starts: They all know that a company tried to buy out Holly's shares in Ojai and Holly refused to sell. Now that company has made the Walkers a very generous offer for their shares. Sarah interrupts her right there. And, frankly, she should. Since Sarah is the president of Ojai Foods, I find it more than a little strange that Nora would approach her at the same time as Kevin, who hasn't had an interest in Ojai since his firm got fired, or Kitty, who is running for the senate and not interested in Ojai as anything other than a prop to prove her small business roots. It's a bit tactless. And, obviously, Sarah is going to have a bigger decision to make, what with giving away her job. Nora points out that while the company has been great for them as a family, it has also been an albatross around their necks for years. Nora tries to sell Sarah on being a housewife, which doesn't go over so well (because it is so not Sarah). Like, just point out she can get another job and take her kids on another European vacation or just move to France with Luc instead of sitting in Ojai and getting in fights with Holly. Then Justin asks if this has anything to do with Narrow Lake, which opens another can of worms and Sarah gets even huffier because she is in the dark about another work-related topic. Nora downplays Narrow Lake and keeps trying to sell the plan and finally Kitty barks at her to stop trying to spin it. Saul then asks Nora to tell the kids everything. Nora sighs and then upsells Dennis York as just some guy. Sarah, however, is old enough to remember Dennis York as the sketchy guy William Walker paid under the table to do his dirty work. Tommy and Saul object to that portrayal. York was just a "problem solver", but not a hitman or anything. A consigliore, then? Nora shrieks that there are no bodies buried anywhere, this is just a business offer that she is bringing to their attention. Then she storms off. Kevin thinks they have landed in Bizarro World, but it looks like any other Walker dinner party to me.

Justin goes home and tells Rebecca the weird news that after Holly turned down Dennis York, now Nora wants them all to consider the offer. This especially ticks Rebecca off because just last episode she gave her mom TWO MILLION DOLLARS to try and stabilize the company while they get to the bottom of whatever the hell Narrow Lake has to offer. I mean, TWO MILLION DOLLARS! (For some reason, I keep imagining this is said in the voice of this kid from the incomparable Better off Dead.) Rebecca can't believe Nora doesn't think that Narrow Lake has buried treasure in the bottom of it. I mean, Narrow Lake sounds like a suburban pirate adventure if I ever heard one, right? Rebecca is also convinced that Justin will just end up siding with Nora and Holly will be angry and they will be stuck in the middle. Justin swears that would never happen to them! He chooses her! They will never argue again! Except when Rebecca takes up jazz tap lessons and doesn't tell him! Or he flunks out of medical school for never getting that scrambled brain thing taken care of even though Rebecca told him to! Other than that, never! Love and hearts and unicorns, motherfuckers!

Scotty cannot believe their good fortune. He and Kevin are unemployed and somebody wants to overpay for their Ojai shares. They can buy a baby! He could open a restaurant! Money money money! Kevin rudely interrupts Scotty's happy dance to point out that he hasn't accepted the offer yet and he doesn't want to take it until he knows the truth. He thinks something is suspicious and he thinks Nora is trying to cover it up. He thinks it may all be Tommy's fault. He's not sure how, yet, but he is pretty confident. Geez. When did Kevin turn into such a grouch about Tommy? I thought they resolved their differences? Scotty reminds Kevin that not everything is Tommy's fault so maybe they can just take the money and buy another round of IVF if they have to? Kevin scolds him for being negative about the IVF ands sends Scotty back to his room to re-read The Secret.

The Senator finds Kitty playing with Monster Baby Evan in the bedroom. Evan looks HUGE! It's like he and Kitty's hair took some Mommy and Me growth hormones. The Senator asks how it went and Kitty sighs about how deluded she was growing up. She doesn't know what is going on with her mother or with that company. The Senator isn't particularly interested in Ojai Foods right now (probably ever). He wants to know if Kitty told her family about her upcoming post-cancer doctor's appointment. She didn't get a chance to what with all the yelling and bombshells dropping. The Senator reminds her that she is going to be A-Okay after that appointment and Kitty sighs some more about her new life as a cancer survivor. As The Senator cuddles with the adorably pajama-clad Evan, Kitty announces that she is going to sell her shares. It is what her mom wants and if Nora is in some kind of trouble, well, Kitty for one will help her out. The Senator nods and pats her on the head. He really doesn't care.

Sarah sits alone watching television and having flashbacks to the 80s. She remembers a particularly loud argument between Nora, Dennis York, and William Walker. She would have eavesdropped, but a little tiny Justin interrupted her spying and she felt inclined to take him back to bed. Man, if I was Sarah, I would forget I ever wore mustard yellow high waisted balloon jodhpurs with a red belt that matched the barrette holding my perm back. I would forget that PRONTO. Sarah calls Tommy and he comes over to try and help par

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