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Shaking the Tree

Later Justin and Nora get a moment alone and she tells him how happy she is for him and he compliments her cake-making skills. Nora is also happy to have one more dinner at the old Ojai house. Justin reminisces about the old days when they would spend their summers at the house. He reminds her that she was a really good mom. It was really sweet of him and it seems to be really true, which is part of the reason I Kevin's anger at her a little hard to grasp. Anyway, Holly interrupts their moment and Justin remembers that he got Nora a pressed penny for her scrapbook. Nora scrapbooks?? When Nora gets the penny, she suddenly remembers that after that weekend in 1973, William brought her one of those pennies. He must have been up there looking for land. Holly runs to get a map. Tommy finds Sarah staring at the stars on the steps (say THAT five times fast). Sarah wonders if they are making a mistake selling Ojai. Does he ever consider coming back to Ojai? Before he can really answer the question, she opines that whatever William's plans were for the company, she doesn't really care. She wants to plant strawberries, dammit! Tommy smiles at the thought.

Inside, Holly, Nora, Justin, Rebecca, and Saul try to figure out William's big mystery. They call Kevin over because he has always been the best at solving William's weird riddles. God, William was a riddler? Thank god he is dead because otherwise I would DIE having to sit through that shit. When Saul points out that a certain notable tree is a pepper tree, the whole thing breaks open. Pepper tree, street of dreams, it all points to one spot on the map. Only problem: There is no lake there. Not even a narrow one. Then Kevin who has been sitting quietly, rocking back and forth, blurts: Narrow Lake is an anagram of Nora Walker! Oh riddle me this, William Walker. Gah. Everyone stares at Kevin's newly discovered Asperger's. (Oh please, you knew an autism story was coming to this show. It was the only thing missing!) Kevin leaves as everyone tries to figure out what the new clue means. The next day Nora and Holly have followed the map to a barren and dry plot of land. They stand and they stare and they have no idea what to do next.

Two hours and not a single kid got de-Walkered? What? Oh Brothers & Sisters, I have disappoint.

Lulu Bates a.k.a. Melissa Locker would rather have been watching Treme . You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

Rewatch both hours of insanity! Dwell on the past! It's what the Walkers would do!

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