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Shaking the Tree
se out the memory. What could the big argument mean? Tommy swears he has no idea, but whatever it is and however Nora is involved, she is freaked out. And he doesn't want to go digging up old bones. Sarah isn't willing to sell away her livelihood to spare some unpleasant memories. I mean, whatever Nora is hiding can't be worse than those pants. Tommy points out that the family could fight to save the company, but they will also be fine without the company. Sarah should focus on her life and consider this an opportunity. Go back to your new age yoga cult, you hippy!

Nora sneaks off to meet Dennis York and report that her kids don't seem interested in his offer. She needs more time to convince the kids. Dennis York gives her until next week but that's it. He's sick of the shenanigans (yes, the ones he induced, but whateves) and wants his shares. Nora coldly tells him that she always knew something was wrong with him and she used to tell William as much. Dennis York shakes his head and reminds her that he was just following orders. Hers and William's. He hands her an envelope full of proof of her misdeeds. Ooh! Whatever Nora did it must be really awful! Nora corrects me: What she did wasn't illegal. Oh, then: BORING. Dennis agrees, but reminds her that it is not what her children expect of her. WAIT. This is all about how Nora appears to her kids?? Who the fuck cares? Whatever boring non-illegal thing she did, she is still their mom. I mean half the family has done illegal shit and they still all hang out on Christmas and babysit each other's kids and storm out of dinner parties. And, frankly, it's not like Nora is so far above the fray or PERFECT. And her kids know that. So ...what? Dennis York promises Nora that if she doesn't convince her kids to sell, he will destroy her family. Well, okay then, that sounds ominous.

Sarah goes to talk to Holly about Dennis York's offer. Holly is being much calmer about it than you would think. I mean, not only did she turn down a substantial offer from Dennis York, which would have solved her oft-discussed financial woes, but she could have spent all her time reading Bride magazine, setting up her wedding website, and picking china patterns. I mean, every white piano in the Greater Los Angeles area isn't going to reserve itself! Now, she has turned down the offer, taken $2 million from her daughter, and reinvested it in the company in pursuit of the MacGuffin of Narrow Lake. And now, the Walkers who just last week were cursing her for even considering selling, ARE CONSIDERING SELLING. And Holly could get stuck working with Dennis York who is not only a despicable human being, but said some very despicable things ABOUT HOLLY, and hit on her in a very despicable way. If I was Holly, I would be FLIPPING OUT and screaming a lot and would definitely be hitting the hooch, not standing around an orchard extolling its beauty to Sarah. Holly tells Sarah that she is convinced that there is buried treasure in Narrow Lake. That's why William Walker did a geological survey of the land back in 1973 (a survey that somehow does not at all help them find the property) and why Dennis York stupidly filed a DBA under the same name. The only possible reason for that? BURIED TREASURE, MOTHERFUCKERS. Sarah considers this possibility while Holly continues selling Sarah on the company: They've worked so hard and come so far, why quit now? Just to roll around in money? No! Stay in an office and wear pantsuits! You've come a long way, baby. Holly leaves Sarah to ponder whether she can live with herself for giving up on Ojai. But, Holly! She wouldn't have to live with herself, she could pay people to live with her. Yay, money! Where is Luc, anyway? Shouldn't he be reminding her that they can go live in France if she is independently wealthy?

Nora has invited Sarah over to talk after last night's hollering fest. Nora apologizes for her behavior and she knows that this will be a really difficult decision for Sarah. It's a difficult decision for everyone. Sarah is glad that Nora has realized that, because Sarah thought about it and talked to Holly and she doesn't want to sell. Sally Field is really aerobicizing her acting ass off right now. She looks panicked, but hopeful and also like she is completely pretending not to be either of those things. Nora tries to gently point out that Holly has her own agenda, but Sarah is pretty firm that she wants to return Ojai to its former (pre-Tommy? Or pre-Sarah?) glory before she sells. She would see it as a giant failure otherwise. As Sarah and Nora are heating up, Kitty walks in. Kitty sits quietly on the sidelines watching the fight unfurl and it is only when Sarah drags Kitty into it and Kitty seems to side with Nora that things go really haywire. When Sarah barks that she will make sure no one sells, Nora completely and totally snaps. I mean, we've all seen Nora lose it before, but this was something special. She painfully (and loudly) reminds Sarah that she has always been there for her and she would never ask her to do this if it wasn't really important. She drags her hands through her hair and bolts from the room leaving Kitty and Sarah wide eyed and blank. Tommy is startled, too, but it's harder to tell because he is HIDING IN THE PANTRY and eavesdropping on the conversation. Ummm...creepy much? I understand not wanting to walk in on that, but...yeesh. That's just unseemly. Tommy flashes back to the night of his car accident His arm is in a sling and as he walks out of the hospital he sees Dennis York rushing past him into the emergency room. He is confused and then finds a very upset Nora waiting for him in the car. Later, Tommy apparently made his presence known to his sisters and ushered them out of Walker Manor. They were pretty upset, which is pretty understandable. I mean, I'm upset by Nora's freak out. Nora is muttering that Sarah's not going to do it, but Tommy is done pretending this is just about more of William Walker's misdeeds: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Nora gulps and tells Tommy that she met with Dennis York, she hands him some of the evidence York is holding over her head. Tommy looks at the paper a minute and then understanding begins to dawn on him. He asks if she has been paying off the family and she says William made a deal and has been sending money every month and now she does it. Tommy is still processing and Nora continues that they told him everything was fine after "that night" but it wasn't and the boy was paralyzed. Tommy can't believe they lied to him for 25 YEARS! Nora looks so pale and fragile and small as she mumbles that the kids were just so young and she really thought they were doing the right thing. Tommy is not so sure. So...we know there was an accident and someone was paralyzed and William and Nora have been paying off the family ever since. I understand that this would be upsetting and awful, but...why do they have to sell the company to York to cover this up? Is that just me being cold blooded and hard nosed? Because I don't really get it. Yes, it's awful, but it's not illegal and no one is dead. Yes Nora lied 25 years ago and then never bothered to mention it since, but this family has been through WAY worse what with William's fraud, Tommy's fraud, Holly Harper, Rebecca, Justin dating his own sister, Ryan Lafferty, Kevin's hair, The Senator's heart attack, Elizabeth's near death. I mean, after all of that, Nora is convinced that an accident 25 years ago and the ensuing cover up will tear the family apart? Huh.

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