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Nora is walking around her kitchen in a tizzy over the fact that Kevin is not returning her calls. Sarah and Kitty are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that they had totally indicted Tommy for murder, when in fact it was wussy little Kevin who is guilty of aggravated assault. I would really like it if Sam Waterston walked in here and gave them a serious tongue lashing. I mean, poor Tommy! I think it is great that he is all BEING THERE for Kevin, but that murder accusation has got to smart a bit and probably isn't going to bring him rushing down from Seattle anytime soon. Besides, Seattle has WAY better doughnuts than LA. Go ahead and disagree. I'll fight you. Besides, if you have gotten this far into the recap you probably need a little distraction to work off some energy. Kitty sighs and stares at her coffee cup to avoid making eye contact with Nora when she admits that she just doesn't know what to say. Nora tries to justify her actions, but she only gets out the fact that she was just trying to protect him when her phone rings. Nora drives to Ojai to talk to Kevin. Kevin is still standing on the fateful platform when Nora gets there. She explains that she was just trying to protect him. She helplessly adds that she thought that was what parents did. Kevin is not feeling very generous towards Nora right now, he needs someone to blame, and she didn't tell him the truth when he was 14 and then failed to bring it up any time over the ensuing 24 years. Obviously it is her fault. Oh sure, blame your mother! Your Freudian analyst will love it. Kevin wants to know what William saw that night and Nora says that he saw a fight between two high school boys. He saw Aaron fall from the platform. It was an accident and Kevin didn't mean to do it. (Actually, Nora, Sam Waterston would like you to know that it is technically and assault and you can be held legally responsible for the foreseeable outcomes of your reckless actions.) Kevin wants to know if they paid off the family and Nora sighs and admits that they did. Kevin is furious at that, but isn't that what a civil lawsuit would have done anyway? Kevin is too upset to think legally. I mean, yes, obviously Nora made a choice, but she was making a choice that she thought protected her child from the harsh realities of the world and helped a family offset the financial burden of a terrible tragedy. And, yes, trying to feverishly cover it up to the extreme of selling Ojai to Dennis York, makes it highly suspicious, but it is legal. While this entire experience must be incredibly painful (especially now that Kevin actually REMEMBERS IT ever happened), particularly knowing that the incident was tinged with the uncomfortable struggle of burgeoning sexuality, you really can't blame Nora. Seriously Kevin, the person you need to blame right now is YOU. Kevin screams at Nora not to follow him as he drives off. The acting in this scene is heartbreaking and chilling and, frankly, beautiful even if the dialogue is a little overwrought and clunky.

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Brothers and Sisters




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