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Saul, Tommy and Sarah stake out Kevin's apartment assuming he has to go home and flatten down his hair eventually. While they are waiting, they feel it is their solemn obligation to fill Scotty in on all the details. A move that I am squarely on the fence about. I mean, I'm sure Kevin would want to be the one to break the news to Scotty, but if Kevin has really gone M.I.A. Scotty deserves to know why. Also, they are Walkers and can't help themselves. Pretty sure "Spill the Beans" is emblazoned on their family crest. Scotty gasps as Saul gives him the Cliff Notes version of the events and realizes that is why Kevin missed the implantation of their last blast (which is kind of an apt metaphor for impending parenthood). Also, I am pretty sure that surrogate Michelle is the last person on earth that Kevin would want to hang around after getting such heart breaking and upsetting news. Just then Sarah decides that she wants to sell her shares in Ojai. She is sick of pretending that the Ojai legacy is anything worth holding on to. Over Saul's protest that Dennis York has no leverage anymore, Tommy quickly agrees that they should just be free of the burden of Ojai Foods. Just then Kevin walks in and groans at the sight of what looks to be another Walker intervention (although Justin isn't there to lead the discussion). Sarah explains that they couldn't find him and they filled Scotty in. As expected, Kevin's not thrilled, heads straight to the bar, and bitterly asks if Sarah also mentioned the decades-long cover up and payoffs that William and Nora made to the family. Saul tries to protect Nora, but Kevin isn't listening. Nora pretended she was above the fray and that is practically the same thing as doing it herself. Scotty finally gets up to go try and give his husband a hug, but Kevin suddenly remembers the implantation and starts apologizing quickly. Scotty says it is okay, he went through with it anyway and then Kevin bolts. He claims he is okay as he runs out the door, but he needs some air. Everyone clucks sadly after him. How is it possible that Tommy is not bothering me at all? Maybe the murder accusation has chastened him into shutting the heck up.

When Holly charges into Nora's kitchen, it is hard to tell whether she has any idea what is going on with Kevin or the intense emotional drama that is going on in the family. She is just hellbent on convincing Nora not to sell her Ojai shares and make Holly partners with walking SKEEZE ball Dennis York. Holly swears that the only way for Nora to get her family back is to keep Ojai in the family at least until they find out what is at the bottom of Narrow Lake. Nora barks at Holly for being insensitive, and, yes, that is a good word to describe Holly, especially when she then ADMITS that she knows all about Kevin and yet is still in Nora's kitchen yammering at her about selling stock. I mean, TIMING, HOLLY, TIMING! Holly sells hard: Ojai is a family business, Tommy and Sarah grew up there, when their emotions cool down they will regret selling. Nora was protecting her kids back then and she can't stop protecting them now. This seems to strike a nerve with Nora and she perks up a bit. Holly is smart enough to give Nora a minute to process. So Nora fills up the coffee pot and realizes that Holly is totally right: If they find Narrow Lake all their problems will be solved. The way they all talk about THAT FUCKING LAKE, it had better be filled with gold doubloons, bearer bonds, diamonds, Microsoft stock, wine, lottery tickets, oversized Publisher's Clearinghouse checks, Botox, Litigation Repellant Spray, Ryan Lafferty Repellant Spray, iPad patents, a Leprechaun riding a unicorn, and all of Jed Clampett's oil or they will be sorely disappointed. Aw crap, now I have the Beverly Hillbillies theme song stuck in my head. I BLAME YOU NORA WALKER.

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