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Justin is yelling at somebody on his phone while the newest Mrs. Walker fetches coffee. Ah, yes, her wifely duty. They are all schmoopie poopie with each other and then Justin convinces Rebecca to go fetch him a flattened souvenir penny so he can yell at the realtor in peace. When Justin mentions the magical Walker name, he convinces the realtor to cancel the reservations of somebody else and let him and his new bride take their spot. Nice that. Justin hangs up happily and goes to buy his bride a milkshake. I am sure there is a dirty joke in there about newlyweds and marrying a girl because of her love of milkshakes, but I swear to god I have never been hip or urban or paying attention enough to know the dirty meaning of the milkshake. (Although I bet Mindy Monez will fill me in after she reads this.) [Editor's Note: From what I understand it just means a woman's general sexiness, using whatever physical endowments she has, though I've never been crystal clear on it either, to be honest. -- Mindy Monez] But, seriously, folks, what the fuck was Kelis singing about?? Although, for the record, the diner where her video was filmed is two blocks from my house and YOU CANNOT BUY A MILKSHAKE THERE.

Kitty has finished her post-cancer check up and is eager to get out of the hospital and not think about what the results could portend. She just hates being back in the hospital. She hates seeing people who thought they were cured of cancer back in for another round of chemo. The Senator hugs her and reminds her that whatever the news, they will go through it together. Kitty's phone rings; it's Kevin. He asks her to call Scotty for him and tell him that he is okay, but needs some time. Geez, poor Scotty losing ground to Kitty. I would think Kevin would want to be away from his family and with his husband, not the other way around. Oh wait, Kitty doesn't know, does she? So this whole conversation must sound pretty odd to her. Kevin is parked in a car outside Aaron's house. I guess he Googled him? And now he is just parked outside his house staring? Nothing says, "I'm sorry!'" like stalking. Kevin is wracked with guilt and he must apologize THIS INSTANT. I mean, the kid has been hooked up to a ventilator and communicating with the outside world via a computer that registers the movement of his eyelids, right? He has probably been waiting for Kevin to come through his front door and apologize to him for every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year of every decade, right? Kevin, that guy has either moved on or has one hell of a revenge plot. Either way, are you sure you want to ring that doorbell? It kind of feels like when someone has an affair and HAS to tell their spouse out of THEIR OWN GUILT, not because the spouse actually needs to hear (outside of STD testing and filing divorce papers, of course). But you know how Kevin accused Nora of acting out of her own best interests in "protecting" him all these years? Well, I think Kevin is acting out of his own best interest right now. I mean, maybe the guy wants an apology from Kevin, but 25 years is a really long time and Kevin is going to make Aaron relive a painful memory just because Kevin just found out and feels guilty and terrible. Before he goes to the door, Kevin flashes back to the morning after the fight. He and Kitty are sitting alone and Kevin admits that he is probably gay, but is terrified of what it would do to his mom and dad. Kitty swears that she wouldn't care. She may be a Republican, but she is his sister first. Kevin gets out of the car and knocks on the door. A man in a wheelchair opens the door. Kevin stares at him silently which is NOT AT ALL CREEPY. Aaron prods him and Kevin says, "Aaron? I'm Kevin Walker." Aaron let's Kevin into the house so I guess his revenge plot involves getting him in close quarters, but for god's sake Kevin: DON'T DRINK ANYTHING. He will roofie you and pull a Misery and you will TOTALLY deserve it because you are as dumb as rocks for going in there and drinking something. Although knowing Kevin probably will feel like he deserves to be hobbled as an outer expression of his inner grief. Besides, Nora and Scotty can take care of him if they ever find his body. Kevin apologizes to Aaron, not for paralyzing him, but for sitting in his car and staring at his house and undoubtedly creeping the fuck out of him, FOR HOURS. Which, definitely deserves an apology. Aaron immediately asks Kevin what he is hoping to accomplish by showing up here 25 years later. Kevin apologizes for that, too. He explains that he didn't know that Aaron was hurt, his parents had told him that Aaron was okay. Aaron doesn't even blink at this admission. He tells Kevin that he doesn't dwell on that night. He used to have a lot of rage directed at Kevin, but not anymore. He has a partner and a life and he has moved on. Before he can move on, Kevin feels the need to make sure that Aaron knows that he is gay. Aaron shrugs, because DUH, that's why he tried to kiss him. He gets that they were young and being gay was hard and they couldn't just enjoy it. He gets it. He made peace with it a long time ago and Kevin should to. Just not in his living room. And then he Kevin out. I think I love Aaron. Also, I think he should insist that Kevin go to see his therapist, because somebody did something right by that guy's psyche. He is very emotionally stable. Not at all a knee hobbler or the kind of guy to slip you a roofie.

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