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Shaking the Tree

So where did Justin take his new bride to consummate their marriage? The old Walker homestead in Ojai. And, yes, he was trying to rent his old house but never bothered to mention that he was the former owner to the real estate agent. Scrambled brain, indeed. He carries Rebecca over the threshold.

Meanwhile, the hacky wijinks music has started up as Holly and Nora execute their wily scheme to get more details on Narrow Lake. Nora meets Dennis York at the hotel bar, while Holly sneaks into Dennis's room to snoop. Nora smiles at Dennis, which should have been a big tip off if he was thinking with his big head (think about it). Nora has a large legal document that she wants them to go through line by line, but Dennis demurs. He isn't going to change anything at Ojai except to start hiring people and probably firing the EEO officer and getting rid of any anti-sexual harassment rules so he can have at the ladies. Nora smiles beguilingly and asks for a hint about Ojai's secret worth, but York's not telling. Holly is having no luck in York's drawers, and neither is Nora. He is about to split when she turns up the heat and tentatively touches his shoulder and asks him what the hell happened to him? Oddly York finds this a turn on and starts down memory lane reminiscing about what life would have been like if Nora had chosen him instead of William. Nora's phone finally buzzes with the all clear from Holly and Nora jumps and runs. But before she can go take a shower in Purell, York wants an answer to his question: Does she ever wonder what life would be like if she chose him? Nora explains that William never wanted to openly hurt anyone, which is why he hid all the awful things he did, but Dennis York takes pleasure in hurting people. Shorter version: NO. She bolts and finds Holly waiting for her outside. Holly struck out. The only thing she found was a valet ticket! Which she brought with her! Because that makes so much sense! Nora yells, "Bingo!" like she's been practicing at the Pasadena Rec Center on weekends. The valet brings the women Dennis's car and they start pillaging looking for any clues, including in the GPS in case he drove to Narrow Lake. At that moment, York comes out, Holly shrieks like a girl, York spots them and Nora drives off Grand Theft Auto style (she kills two hookers and knocks down a drug dealer). In short, the show gets all kinds of stupid in ten seconds flat.

Holly and Nora are joyriding in Dennis York's car and have made it all the way out to Ojai and are now enjoying a delicious milkshake at the same stand where Justin and Rebecca got their milkshakes. I hope you all see where this is going, because we all know where this is going. But before we get there, Nora is maniacally singing William's stupid ditty about Narrow Lake over and over until Holly tells her keep her yapper shut. She then absurdly tells a grown woman to "put some pep in her step", which is such a stupid thing to say that it has to be there to inspire Nora to remember the rest of William's song. Something about a pepper and a stepper and driving into the future. At least both Nora and Holly agree that the song is really idiotic. Nora struggles to find more context for when William bought the property. It was 1973, she had four kids under the age of six (good lord) and William took an excessive amount of business trips. Holly pushes her on whether he ever mentioned buying land, but Nora can only remember a land buying trip he went on after spending all night at a party with a leggy blonde. She's pretty sure the trip was a cover for an affair. A leggy blonde, eh? Holly looks uncomfortable, but Nora is too busy deciding whether or not to accept her Senator's phone call. She opts to answer even though it might be a solicitation call for his PAC and despite Holly begging her not to. In two seconds Nora has spilled all the beans including the fact that they are driving around in Dennis York's stolen car. Um...nice work, Nora. The Senator is yelling at her for, you know: CHOICES, NORA! Nora swears she and Holly will get off the road and sort everything out. She knows the perfect place. Moments later, Holly and Nora barge in on Justin and Rebecca mid-marriage consummation. They are shocked and stunned and horrified, but the rest of us saw this coming a long time ago, so: shrug.

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