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Troubled Waters

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Ah, here we are all ready for the two-hour Brothers & Sisters movie! Starring Sally Field as "Nora," Rob Lowe as "The Senator" and Calista Flockhart as "Kitty." The movie starts with a bang and Nora is off running through the halls of Seattle Grace. Er... well not Seattle Grace per se, but you know what I mean. Nora is running in slow-motion and I can't tell whether we should be hearing the dulcet tones of the song from Chariots of Fire or the anxious beat of the theme from The Bionic Woman. Maybe both. Can someone mix that up and send it along please? They are actually playing a dramatic montage of hospital sounds, the beeps and boops of the machines that keep people alive, and the incessant public addresses that keep people stabbing forks into their ears and forcing them back into the hospital thus keeping the cycle going. Nora careens around a corner Bobby Labonte-style, takes out an orderly, and then rushes towards a room where someone lies on a table getting shocked back into this mortal coil. Maybe. As a doctor barricades Nora from the room, she stares in anguish and mutters "I'm family. I'm family." And dammit! I am already tearing up. I need to get a grip. Or a Snickers. Both?

Nora's Personal Best fades away into a Walker family dinner. NNOOoooooooooooo! The whole family is there including Saul, The Senator, Scotty (squee!) and all the sundry others. C'mon, Julia, is sundry. The Walkers are all trying to figure out what merited Nora fixing a rack of lamb. Sarah thinks it is because of her paying off her second mortgage. Oh shut up with your stupid start-up, Sarah. The economy is crap and people don't want to hear it. The table likes her answer less than I do. Justin considers it roast chicken at best. Which is, like, harsh, dude. Kitty is hungry and she throws her napkin down to go see what it is taking so long. Sarah snorts that Kitty's little tantrum wasn't hunger, but was a bad mood. In my family of hypoglycemics, hunger and a bad mood go hand in hand. The Senator goes after her just as Nora comes in and, whoa!, check out her rack. Heh. C'mon, it's funny 'cause Nora does not have a rack. She notices that Kitty and The Senator have vamoosed and refuses to clue anyone in on the reason for the party or to let anyone eat until everyone is at the table. Oh good idea, Nora, let everyone drink, but no food to soak up the liquor. Is that why these parties always turn out so well?

In the kitchen Kitty and The Senator have taken a moment to discuss the state of their marriage. Sure, everyone is actually sitting at the dinner table waiting for the entrée to be served, but, yeah, now is a great time to chat. Kitty is concerned that they aren't on the same page about The Senator's ambition and their marriage. He assures her that his run for governor will not interfere with their new motto: Family First! He is already having the new crest drawn up and the mosaic is being added to the swimming pool up at the ranch.

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Brothers and Sisters




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