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The Ayes Have It and the Bees Don't
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C'mon down! It's Family Feud! On this side we have Sarah and Saul. Facing off against Tommy and Holly! What's at stake? The name of the once-Family Business. Sarah can't believe Tommy is considering changing the beloved business's name from Ojai to Walker Landing. Tommy thinks Walker Landing still keeps the family in the business what with the "Walker" part and all. Saul argues for brand loyalty, but Holly counters with a guess that they will be able to make up customer losses with new higher-end clients. Tommy backs her play and Sarah just sits there while Tommy yells about profit-margins and losses like Sarah doesn't have a business degree and hasn't been running the company and the numbers for the last year. When Sarah and Saul continue to balk at the plan, Tommy calls them out. He can't believe they would refuse this fantastic offer! Won't they do anything to help the company get out of debt? What if he threw in two steak knives? Would they go for it then? Sarah chomps at the bit at that one, but Tommy continues on about how the profits on wine are way better than on fruit. Sarah encourages him to go ahead and make more wine then. Holly is glad to hear that, because she has a plan to tear up 500 acres of orchard to put in a vineyard. Sarah and her MBA won't stand for pulling up a profitable crop and planting something that won't see profit for seven years. Holly reminds her that it isn't up to her; it's up to the Board. Once he knows that they are going to the Board, Saul gets up to go. There is no point arguing with them anymore. Tommy claims it is his idea, but no one believes him. Holly is totally the new Alexis.

Kitty is in New York trying to sell her book. She is on the phone with Nora who is steadily mopping the kitchen floor while talking to Kitty. Kitty misses New York -- the city is so alive! Nora thinks LA is alive, too alive! It's alive! It's alive! Sorry, I've seen Young Frankensteinabout forty-two times. Kitty has been walking! Walking! New Yorkers do such crazy things! Nobody walks in LA. And now that song will be stuck in my head for the next hour. Kitty has gone to four publishers today. They are all interested, but she's not sure. She'd be giving up a lot to get this book published, because The Senator is serious about making her quit her putative job if she goes forward with publishing. What sort of crap press secretary leaves her post to go sell her tell-all book in New York? And what sort of crap agent does Kitty have? Isn't your agent the one supposed to be schlepping your book from publisher to publisher? And, truthfully, wouldn't you just email it and if you were so so lucky you might get an email in response? Who walks their book around to the publishing houses? Do you have any idea how many press secretaries and communication directors there are toiling in government offices waiting for a publisher to return just one call? So, really, enough with the four publishing houses dying for your book. Kitty is glad to have something to do besides sit around the house waiting to hear from the adoption agency. Hey, Kitty? Why don't you do your job! That should keep you from sitting around the house. Nora slows her mopping to rankle Kitty about last week's dinner party. She is still mad at The Senator for yelling at her. Nora claims The Senator completely misunderstood what she was saying. She loves Kitty's honesty and out-spokenness. It's her taste in men that is questionable. Kitty tries to protest, but Nora has just spotted Justin coming downstairs in full fatigues. All mopping stops as Nora stares at Justin in horror. He quickly tells her not to worry. He's not going back, he's recruiting! Even though he was wounded, he is still enlisted and once the army owns your ass they ain't giving it back until they are good and done with it. So he is off to recruit. Not to sound too soapbox-y or anything, but what sort of crap recruiter would an injured vet make? I mean he is not going to be selling it, that's for sure. And what's his angle? Yeah, my leg got blown up, but that won't happen to you! Pinky swear! Semper Fi! Nora is uneasy about Justin's new job. She doesn't want him sending anyone else's kid to Iraq either. Rebecca walks in to pick Justin up. Nora thought she was driving him to work, but since Rebecca just got a job as a temp at a diet center (did I hear that right?) she'll drop him off at the mall. Why can't Justin drive himself? I honestly don't know. Is no driving one of the twelve steps?

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Brothers and Sisters




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