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The Family That Whines Together
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At the soon-to-be Nora McDonald House, Nora gives Kevin, Justin, Scotty, and Saul a tour. They all have matching semi-sneers on their faces like they all just got a bargain at Filene's on unpleasant expressions. Also, Nora is wearing flannel. And what looks to be a fishing vest. She walks and talks about the gut renovation and floorboard to rafters cleaning she has in mind. Kevin is incredibly snarky considering he's the one who bought this dirty old house and then gave it to his mother when Scotty balked. You would think he would be a little nicer out of guilt if nothing else. Nora asks them to lay off the snotty remarks long enough to envision a Center filled with happy healthy children. Mid vision, Justin notices the tableful of power tools and is smart enough to ask why they are there. Nora smiles broadly and everyone starts to get suspicious. She tells them that a contractor had the audacity to quote her $60,000 for interior demolition, so she rented a bunch of episodes of This Old House, cleaned out the local hardware store and has decided to do it all herself. Well, not quite by herself. She smiles even more broadly and the boys all start shaking their heads in unison. Nora tries to calm their fears and quickly adds that Kitty and Sarah will be over later, too. Maybe Paige and Cooper can come too! No one looks happy, but no one says no. Saul laughs that interior demolition is what they do at dinner parties after copious amounts of wine. Justin doesn't think that should be mixed with power tools! I'm glad they are self aware about their dinner parties. 'Cause seriously, those things suck. Everyone yells at Nora, but then she pulls out her trump card: They all worked together to build Ojai, she wants a new Ojai. She wants a new family business, built from the ground up. She gets wide-eyed and sad as she talks about it and everyone caves. Suckers!

Holly and Rebecca are in a meeting with some lonely advertising guy who is pitching a marketing campaign for Walker Landing. Holly thinks it is a great approach and thanks the ad man for his hard work. Rebecca looks at the campaign more skeptically. As well she should since the campaign seems to involve nothing but still shots of the bottles of wine. Scintillating stuff it is not. Rebecca thinks it's a great campaign, but doesn't think it is directed at her demographic. The wine sells for twelve dollars a bottle and that is less than a Cosmo at Skybar. That's what the company should be promoting -- wine for a girl's night in. The ad man manages to not roll his eyes, and, in fact, actually pretends to care what this twenty-year old thinks about his hard work. She basically tells him that the entire direction of his work sucks and he needs to redo the whole thing and he smiles and offers her a part time job. Seriously! He thinks she would make a fabulous trendwatcher. You're going to give a trendwatching job to a girl who still drinks Cosmos? Is it 2001 again and no one told me? I hate it when that happens.

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Brothers and Sisters




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