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Aw, my last Brothers And Sisters recap! It may not be the best episode, but at least Kevin remembered to take off his shirt. A lot.

Previously: Kevin thought Chad couldn't be serious about him, since he has a girlfriend; Justin told Tyler about being in rehab, and she in turn told him she's seeing someone; Holly proposed Ojai buy a vineyard; Kitty told Robert she couldn't get involved with him; and going significantly farther back, Kevin tried to get Scotty back, to no avail.

Kitty is lying in bed, facing someone with whom she's holding hands in the foreground; we can't at first see who it is, but once she opens her eyes, her horrified facial expression is accompanied by the Bassoon Of Oops, I Think I Had Gin Again, so we can figure this ought to be good. Indeed, "good" doesn't even begin to describe it, as Kitty tries to make a clean getaway only to fall out of the bed, which wakes up her partner, Robert. I guess the speech she gave in the closet was about as sincere as the stuff she routinely spews in her capacity as communications director. NOT THAT I BLAME HER IN THIS CASE. Shirtless Robert (damn you, comforter!) asks if she's okay, and makes a self-deprecating comment about his morning hair, but Kitty tries to say she fell out of bed because of an earthquake. If you'd said thunderbolt, I would have bought it, hon. Kitty bumbles on for a while and then heads for the bathroom, because while Robert may have joked about his 'do, Kitty's morning hair is beyond humor. She makes a wrong turn into the closet, and I'm surprised she doesn't try to blame that on the earthquake too, and then she won't shut up as she finds the right door, prompting Robert to look at his watch and roll over for a snooze. With the Post-Coital Yammering Freakout that's inevitably going to go on all day, you have to admire his foresight.

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