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In the class at the gym, Kevin keeps his distance from Chad and Michelle, but she recognizes him and calls him over to stretch with them. "Don't be shy." That's not one of his problems, as your boyfriend well knows. Kevin has nothing to do but oblige, as Chad hits him on the arm. Kevin does not react to that with a "Hey, bro," which I think is a missed opportunity on his part. Michelle says she cannot believe Kevin is single (heh), and offers to fix him up with some of her friends; unfortunately, she hasn't figured out that Kevin is gay, so he's forced to tell her that here. If I were Michelle, I'd be wondering why Chad didn't let me in on that little detail, but she has no such suspicions, instead enthusiastically wondering what kind of guys Kevin goes for. Again, Kevin misses a setup, because "doctors" is the only acceptable response to this particular question. Michelle turns to Chad, who, with a big smile, says Kevin is hard to please, and either Chad's having way more fun with a situation you'd think he'd approach very warily, or he's a much better actor than I would have guessed. The latter seems awfully unlikely, no? Anyway, Chad and Kevin make veiled comments about their involvement past a clueless Michelle, who then tells Kevin she has a great guy for him. Chad tries to get Michelle to back off, but Kevin says it's fine -- he's interested, a declaration that causes Chad's eyes to turn to ice while his smile remains plastered on. Don't make him sic Lola on you, Kevin. Kevin looks maybe the slightest bit taken aback at the hurt in Chad's eyes, but turns back to Michelle, who raves about the guy she has in mind before determining that Kevin has no plans for Valentine's Day; she tells him it's "offISH" (okay, I think I kind of like her) -- he's coming to her sister's party that night. She then says all the best guys are gay -- except Chad, of course. True -- a gay man named "Chad"? Who ever heard of such a thing?

Holly comes in to see Tommy, saying she just got off the phone with the drunken competitor who's trying to snatch the vineyard. After some derisive comments about him, she tries to resell Tommy on the idea of buying it, saying that the competitor's interest proves the investment's value. Well, I'm not saying that's not true, but you could just as easily argue that the competitor is using the same logic, and besides, THE PRICE HAS DOUBLED. You want to produce a business plan that accounts for another four million in sunk costs, I'm sure Tommy and even Sarah will at least read it. Down to her last strike, Holly tells Tommy that William was going to buy the vineyard next year -- he knew that when he wrote his will, and he intended for Tommy to run it. "That's why he left you as Vice President of Ojai." She goes on that that plan is exactly why he brought Sarah on in the first place -- he saw it as the future for the company and for Tommy. Tommy, surprisingly, is not buying a word of this, so Holly seemingly gives up, but not without commenting that it's probably not his call anyhow. Ooh, nice. You know, I don't think this season would have been anywhere near as good without Holly, and scenes like this show why. She could easily be telling the truth, and the insistence on this particular property as opposed to any undervalued vineyard supports that, but it also feels likely that she's at least putting a spin on the story that benefits her. Yet, it's hard to find her completely unsympathetic. Part of that, of course, is due to Patricia Wettig's awesome, awesome work -- she may not have as much screen time as Sally Field does, but she makes the most of every moment she's on screen. Love her.

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Brothers and Sisters




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