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Cooper and Paige are giving it to Justin with both hyperactive barrels; I expected this from Cooper, but I would have thought Paige's blood sugar was too steady for this kind of thing these days. Justin seems to be enjoying the kids' energy, though, until he's interrupted by his cell phone ringing -- and it's Tyler. She's waiting for her boyfriend for their date at "some Italian place in Los Feliz" (her words, which make it pretty clear that she's not exactly psyched about it), and she gets a little emotional as she says she wanted to be sure someone wished Justin a happy Valentine's Day. Aw! That's so sweet. Now if only someone would remember to do the same for Nora. She starts to say something else, but realizes she's going too far, and with a self-deprecating smile and apology, hangs up. Justin takes a moment, and then asks the kids if they want Italian food. Heh.

Nora's found someone to go on her date with her -- Margot Kidder! Nora thanks her for coming, but Margot Kidder sympathetically tells her, "Oh, honey. I know that look." Well, that makes sense -- Nora's most prevalent facial expression is "batshit," and we all know Margot Kidder can relate. But really, Nora's upset because she made this reservation back when William was alive, plus her children are all grown up, and she feels like she has no life. Margot Kidder tells her to get out more, and then suggests she needs "something that will take your mind off everything, something that will help you relax." She pulls a joint out of her brassiere, and I've had my issues with the music supervisor, but all would have been forgiven if he'd managed to get 9 To 5 rolling here. And thinking of that scene from that movie makes me realize that Holly would really round out the upcoming pot party. Anyway, Margot Kidder says it will be fun, and that it's just "grass," and then Nora asks if this is peer pressure. Margot Kidder: "Of course it's peer pressure!" Hee, again. Nora babbles that "grass" makes her stupid. "I wouldn't even remember how to...I don't even remember the sixties." Margot Kidder: "Darling, nobody remembers the sixties. That was half the fun." Okay, forget Holly -- I want to get in on this action, because Margot Kidder is awesome. Margot Kidder asks if Nora remembers how to have fun, and I think she has won this argument. Check, please!

Scotty is mildly snarking on Kevin's attire, even commenting insincerely on how masculine the watch that Chad gave him is, and Kevin comes back with a similar comment about Scotty's haircut. Scotty: "Leave the mocking to the professionals." Sorry, counselor, but I'm going to allow it. Chad then pops in for ten seconds to "check in" (read: make sure the date isn't going too well), and when he's gone, Scotty notes, "My gaydar just red-lined." I think we're ceding too much to the plot here, because I don't really get that vibe from Jason Lewis, much as I'd like to. I mean, there are plenty of straight-acting gay guys, especially in L.A., but those are not the ones that send your gaydar flying off into another dimension. They talk about how they came to be set up, and Scotty surprisingly doesn't seem to have any suspicions about Kevin's relationship with Chad; he merely comments that he should have guessed, as "how many gay lawyer Kevins do you think are there in this town?" I have a feeling there are a lot more than Scotty thinks, but I'm not going to research that, which can only mean I'm going soft after five years in this job. Kevin tells Scotty that he "couldn't have come more highly recommended," and Scotty confesses that the reverse is true as well, as he was described as "Kevin, the hot teddy bear of an attorney." Well, that actually does narrow things down. After establishing that they are, in fact, psyched about the blind date, Kevin says that he's a little drunk, and Scotty might be able to take advantage of him. Scotty playfully asks if that's a premature excuse, but, after looking over at Chad making out with Michelle for a year or three, Kevin soberly (it's got more than one meaning, people) tells Scotty that he sometimes misses him. Scotty is unable to make anything sarcastic out of that, which just goes to show that he's got a long way to go to get as jaded as he thinks he is. Of course, tonight will help. He confesses that he also misses Kevin, "sometimes." You know, just in case this isn't convenient to say later, Scotty would have done himself a favor (and been a lot more likable, in my opinion) if he'd just admitted, at least to himself, that he was nuts about Kevin, even though his head didn't really want to be. We've all had those kinds of attractions, but they're a lot easier to manage when you're honest about them, I think.

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