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Justin and Rebecca are doing some post-coital analysis. If only John Madden was there to do some color commentary. They can't believe they waited so long. What were they thinking? That they'd gain some following among fundamentalist Christians? They thought too much -- they are never going to do that again! Think, that is, not the other thing. Rebecca has decided what they need to do. Not that! What to do about their moms. Justin claims to be grossed out by talking about his mom, but that doesn't stop him from going back for seconds.

Scotty's parents are leaving. They stand inside Scotty and Kevin's place while Scotty packs them a lunch for the road. Kevin stands stalwart and nervous by Scotty's side. He asks them if they need directions, but they have a GPS. Kevin apologizes again. Scotty's dad says it is all water under the bridge and they are sorry he didn't make partner. Kevin hands over a bottle of bourbon, which is what he should have gotten him in the first place. Scotty's dad thanks him for the bottle, but tells him to keep it. He'll take the Scotch and in a few months they can compare notes. He is willing to reach across the aisle on this. Scotty looks really happy. Scotty puts his arm around Kevin's shoulder. Everyone hugs and the 'rents are gone.

Sarah is back at her douchey headhunter's office. She tells him to go ahead and go down that list and offer that job to other clients. It's a decent job, but not good enough. He is surprised that she is turning it down. She explains that staying home with her kids is pretty cool right now and if she is going to give that up it had better be for a great job, not just a decent one. He doesn't understand her refusal, but she doesn't care. She's happy where she is for now. If something better comes along, then they can talk. She walks out leaving dickhead to go down his list.

The Senator is working at home when Kevin walks in unannounced. The Senator looks surprised to see him and Kevin is just as surprised that he could just walk in. Where's the secret service? The Senator explains that since he's not running for President no one cares if you shoot him. Kitty walks into the room before Kevin can make any witty rejoinders. She looks surprised to see him, too, but quickly recovers and asks how he is doing. He is doing surprisingly well, but he did want to apologize for the other night. Kitty thinks it's cute that he thought they would have power over the Republicans. The Senator incisively realizes that Kevin never got offered partner. Kevin nods. Kitty sympathizes and The Senator kindly offers to write him a recommendation. Because he'd make a great barista. Ba dum bah! Kevin smirks. He has realized that he wants to work for The Senator. He spent a long time demonizing The Senator, but when he met Scotty's parents he realized that demonizing can go both ways. He may not be able to fix that, but he does have a knack for stirring things up. Kitty doesn't think that is necessarily a job qualification. Kevin agrees, but since he and Scotty's parents are in a better place than they were before Kevin stirred things up he thinks he should be The Senator's gay press secretary. Okay, can I see a quick show of hands of who knows the sexual orientation of their senator's communication director? That's what I thought. Kitty and The Senator are thrilled at Kevin's change of heart, but the problem is that they got a whole bunch of new candidates. New qualified candidates with less emotional baggage. Kevin nods and smiles, he knows they are ribbing him. He tells them to let him have it. The Senator says he'd love to, but he's extremely busy. He gets up to go, but shoves a Senate bill in Kevin's face. He tells Kevin to read it, give him an opinion, and welcome aboard the Gay Talk Express. Kevin shakes his head in confusion and Kitty smiles, "Welcome to politics!"

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Brothers and Sisters




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