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Justin and Nora are having lunch together in some hoity toity restaurant. I know it's hoity toity because Justin is wearing a blazer and Nora has donned a sweater set. Fancy! Nora is holding on to Justin's arm as she walks down the rows of seats, but she starts pulling backwards when she sees that Holly and Rebecca are already dining at the restaurant! Justin smiles knowingly and grips Nora's arm more firmly. Rebecca gets up from the table and smiles at Nora. Holly says hello, too. The mothers are confused. Justin and Rebecca announce that Nora and Holly have to figure out the Ryan thing. Justin concurs that if he and Rebecca are going to have a chance at working then they can't have the "Ryan thing" hanging over their heads. Nora and Holly have to figure it out. Nora is really confused and then Justin hands her the Ryan file. Holly looks shocked that Rebecca is outing her Ryan investigation. Justin and Rebecca wave goodbye and leave the two women staring at each other. Nora sits down and opens the Ryan file. She asks Holly if she contacted Ryan. Holly says no, but she was tempted. Nora begs her to leave it all alone. Holly claims to just be interested in Ryan's mother, but Nora thinks Holly is just out to torture her. Holly laughs at Nora's narcissism, but Nora prefers to call it self-preservation. Holly reminds her of Sarah's bad behavior during the Rebecca-as-Walker era. Holly swears she is not going to do anything. Then again she has bad days and it really might be best if Nora found Ryan first. Holly tells Nora to have a nice day. She gets up and leaves Nora staring meaningfully at Ryan's file.

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