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Scotty's parents have just arrived and Kevin is headed off to work again. It sure takes a lot of hours to make partner and he's not going to screw it up now by loitering with his in-laws. Scotty's mom is way too young to be Scotty's mom. When Kevin tells her that he will be joining them for dinner, but they had to push it back a few hours, she looks passive aggressively irritated. Kevin tries to play it off like they will be dining among movie stars if they eat at nine, but she's not buying it. Scotty explains that Kevin is being made partner tonight and Scotty's parents look relieved that at least he is not being named Gay Homecoming Queen. Kevin hands Scotty's dad a bottle of... Scotch. He knew that bourbon was his favorite, but opted for a nice blended Scotch instead. Is Kevin simple? Bourbon and Scotch are really different and if you are a bourbon man, well you're a bourbon man. End of story. I take my bourbon very seriously and would never touch Scotch. It reminds me of my grandma. Scotty's dad eyes the bottle skeptically. Scotty looks uncomfortable and then reminds Kevin that he has something for his mom, too, right? Kevin totally forgot the picture of Kitty, but covers by saying that she and The Senator will be joining them for dinner, which is part of the reason they had to delay dinner. Scotty's parents are thrilled at the prospect and are totally willing to delay dinner in order to eat with a real live Senator. Scotty looks suspicious, but let's Kevin get away with it. Kevin bids his farewells and leaves Scotty to show his parents the sights.

Nora is presenting her grant proposal to the Board of something that gives grants. She is wearing a suit and will you check out the pie charts on her? But more importantly she is explaining the point and purpose of her non-profit. She will be providing a home for children who are receiving medical care at nearby hospitals. She's starting a Ronald McDonald house without the scary clown theme or the subliminal messages urging Big Macs on the chemo patients. Nora is very nervous. She reads her talking points mechanically, catches herself, makes a ha ha and then goes back to her bullet points. One of the board members points out that their organization usually funds research, not housing. Another board member asks for Nora's resume. Nora titters nervously that she doesn't actually have a resume, but she helped her husband William Walker build his company from the ground up. The white guy on the board claims to have known William back in the day. He perks up and asks about Ojai and William. How is William? Nora barks, "Dead. He's dead." She stops herself and explains more nicely that William died a few years ago. The white guy is embarrassed for not having known. He thinks that Mr. Goldschmidt, the head honcho, would make time for William Walker's widow. Nora looks pleased. Sort of.

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Brothers and Sisters




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