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It's awkward dinner time! The Senator and Scotty's dad are talking Quayle hunting. Oh my god, I totally just wrote Quayle instead of quail. Hee! Republicans are funny! Kitty and Scotty look bored out of their gourds, but the real Republicans are having a blast and another round of drinks. Just as Scotty's mom is about to drill Kitty on her cooking skills, Kevin finally shows up. He looks like he is in actual physiological shock and when everyone lifts a glass of champagne in his honor, he doesn't correct them. Kitty toasts, everyone chin chins, and Kevin settles into his seat at the table. He asks the in-laws how they are enjoying things so far and Scotty's passive aggressive mom (what the heck is her name?) says she was really looking forward to dining on that patio she had heard so much about. Kevin is about to start apologizing, but Kitty cuts him off. She thinks the table is great and so does The Senator. Scotty's mom suddenly loves the table. I appreciate Kitty's effort to save Kevin from a spat of passive aggressiveness. It's just what a good big sister would do. Kevin looks extremely unsettled and uncomfortable. Scotty's mom asks Kitty about the adoption. While they are all distracted with that conversation, Kevin tentatively touches Scotty's hand and asks if he can have a word with him. Scotty pulls his hand away because of the iron-clad no PDA rule. Kevin looks upset and hurt and shaky. He really is doing a great acting job. I feel really bad for him!

Nora is engaged in her own awkward scenario. She is having drinks with the mysterious Mr. Goldschmidt. He is regaling her with fascinating tales of golf. And William. Nora is irritated by both subjects and really wants to get back to her proposal already. Mr. Goldschmidt apologizes for getting carried away with his golf talk. Nora understands, because she gets carried away talking about her Ronald McDonald House knock-off. She launches into the description again and Mr. Goldschmidt politely nods along until he can break into her conversation with his reservations. She is asking for a lot of money and has no experience. He's just not sure if it's a wise investment. I know there is an economic bailout joke in here somewhere, but I am too poor to pay attention long enough to find it. Nora has had it with all this male chauvinism. She gets steely eyed, pulls out a soap box, stands firmly on it and goes: She may not have corporate experience, but she ran a family of five well-rounded children. She organized car pools and bluebird groups and bake sales. She negotiated, mandated, and coddled simultaneously while also keeping her husband happy and productive. And she did it all without taking a single sick day. While no one appreciates the efforts of a stay-at-home mom, which is criminal, she thinks running a giant nonprofit would be a day at the beach compared to what she had been doing. She gets up to leave in a huff (or a minute and a huff), but Mr. Goldschmidt stops her. She's not going to stay if he is going to talk golf. He promises no golf. She stays, but she's suspicious.

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Brothers and Sisters




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