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A New Man

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A New Man

Spike is peeling around a corner, with at least two Humvees in pursuit, and he's laughing with glee. He takes another corner quickly and one of the Humvees loses control, spins out, and is almost crashed into by the vehicle directly on its tail. Spike looks in his rearview mirror and gloats at the "stupid jarheads" but then crashes directly into a pile of construction equipment.

Buffy and Giles are still fighting. Ethan tries to escape from Riley, but Riley makes short work of him. The fight between Buffy and Giles is nicely choreographed and involves clever use of one of those collapsible luggage stands. Buffy finally throws the demon to the ground and leaps astride him, holding the letter opener. "This is for Giles!" she declares and Giles confusedly says, "For me?" right before she stabs him in the chest. She looks into the demon's eyes and suddenly realizes that it's Giles. Buffy apologizes as Giles protests that he feels quite fine "except for the rage," but Buffy can't understand him, I think. She looks at the letter opener and asks whether it was real silver.

Same scene, somewhat later. Ethan is sitting on the floor in front of some sort of magical spell preparations. He whines that he needs to learn to just get out of town and bemoans that the "stay-and-gloat" gets him in trouble. Buffy slaps him on the head as Riley finishes up a cell phone call in the background. She approaches Giles, who has changed back to human form and is examining his face closely in the mirror. Giles is wearing an extremely ugly silver shirt with black slashy marks on it. He tells Buffy that he's okay, mostly embarrassed. He asks Buffy how she knew it was him, and she replies that it was his eyes -- she saw the annoyance in them. Kinda sweet, kinda clichéd. Ethan sneeringly asks if Buffy and Giles's moment will continue much longer because he'd like to get going. He points out to Buffy that he's human, and therefore the Slayer really can't do anything to him. At that moment a bunch of guys in fatigues enter the room, and Riley declares, "By the authority of the US Military you are being taken into custody pending a determination of your status." As the military guys snap Ethan into handcuffs, Buffy and Giles look at each other and smile. Ethan is removed from room as Riley explains that he'll be taken to a secret facility in the Nevada desert for rehabilitation. Ho ho. I'm peeing myself laughing about this Area 51 joke. Not. Giles departs to watch Ethan being "manhandled into a vehicle." Buffy thanks Riley for his help, and he tells her that she's really strong. She looks a little embarrassed and admits that she is. He continues that she's in charge, she's "make the plan, execute the plan," and no one gives her orders. Buffy quietly smiles and says, "I'm the Slayer." "I like it," replies Riley and gives her a suggestive eyebrow flick. Buffy's smile widens and she looks happy that Riley accepts her for what she is. He tells her he needs a week to get ready and then "I'll take you down." I suppose that was another sexy or cute moment that went wildly awry and only made Riley look like an ass. They smile at each other.

The next day, Buffy sits on Giles's sofa watching him hook up a new phone. He somewhat snidely explains to her that it's "fabulous technology" and that if anyone has information they need to tell him, they can inform him though this "ingenious speaking tube." Buffy, with Giles's Eames chair in the background, apologizes for not telling him about Riley and the Initiative, and explains that she thought she had done so already. Buffy is wearing a simple black T-shirt and looks very pretty. Hmm, people look attractive in simple, classic clothing. A fact the Buffy wardrobe department is apparently not familiar with. She promises to tell him everything and Giles says he doesn't want to interfere, but Buffy interrupts him to say, "Uh-oh, you have but-face." Giles, perhaps sensitive from his recent experience with demon-face, looks surprised and slightly offended, and Buffy explains that he looked like he was "going to say 'but.'" Giles continues that he's concerned about the Initiative and that Ethan could be right about the organization. Buffy protests that she's dating Riley, not the Initiative, and that Riley's a good guy. Giles believes her, but warns they don't understand the Initiative. He also admits that he hates Professor Walsh "quite a lot." He tell Buffy to be careful and to know what she's getting into.

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