Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A New Man

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A New Man

Professor Walsh and Riley are walking through the Initiative installation, and Walsh is giving Riley a hard time for breaking the rules because of Buffy. She tells him to be careful, that Buffy acts on instinct, that she has no discipline and that her "loyalties are uncertain." Whatta bitch. Boy, there sure are a lot of people wandering around the Initiative's secret base. Do they all enter through the elevator in Riley's dorm? Because that seems like it would be pretty obvious. Riley reassures Professor Hardass that Buffy is good at her job and "has the truest soul I have ever known." Professor Walsh laughs at this and exclaims, "Lord, spare me college boys in love." You and me both, lady, especially if the college boy in question is Riley Finn. Riley protests that Buffy "will work out," and Professor Walsh tells him she thinks he's probably right. They've stopped in front of a huge stainless steel door. Riley leaves and Dr. Walsh watches him go with a fond smile. She then swipes a card through a lock on the door, enters, and closes it behind her. She approaches another door, enters a code into the keypad, swipes her card, and enters. Inside the room we can see something covered with a sheet lying on a table. As the door swings shut, the camera closes in to show us the number on the door: 314.

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