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A New Man

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A New Man

Professor Walsh leans across her desk and tells Buffy that she thought the Slayer was a myth. Buffy, sitting across from her, quips that Professor Walsh was "myth-taken" and looks up over her shoulder at Riley with a small smile. Riley, sit down, you're making me nervous. Professor Walsh says that she knew Buffy was capable of earning a better grade than a B-minus, but now she understands that Buffy's energies were focused on the same goal as the Initiative. In a bit of foreshadowing, Walsh implies that the only difference is their methods; while the Initiative uses "the latest in scientific technology and state-of-the-art weaponry," apparently Buffy "poke[s] them with a sharp stick." Buffy, instead of rolling her eyes and telling Professor Hardass to stuff it, mumbles that "it's more effective than it sounds." Walsh attempts to boast about the seventeen demons and vampires that Riley has defeated and smugly asks Buffy how many she's taken out. Seventeen? I'll bet Willow, at half of Riley's weight and with none of his military training, has taken out almost that many.

As much as I'm looking forward to watching Riley's comeuppance, we instead switch to Giles's pad now so we can watch him dust his apartment. He pauses, sticking the feather duster between his teeth, and picks up a book as ominous music twangs in the background. While he is reading, he does some quick calculations ["Look! Giles still counts on his fingers!" -- Sep] and says, "Oh crap," letting the feather duster fall.

Next we see Giles packing a bag full of supplies. He's on the phone with Willow and tells her that they don't have time to wait for Buffy because some demon is going to rise tonight. He testily asks the whereabouts of Buffy and we jump to --

Buffy and Riley, walking across campus. "Wow," says Riley, with his tiny, shrunken male ego. Buffy protests that those were her best stories and that she didn't tell any of the "Buffy breaks her butt" ones. Riley is appropriately impressed though, and after a few stuttering attempts at communication can only come up with, "Wow." He almost apologizes, saying that he assumed that when she saved the world last week it was just "a big week for her, and "I suddenly find myself needing to know the plural of apocalypse." Buffy tries to talk herself down some more, saying that she has more experience and preternatural strength. Why is Buffy making excuses like that? Buffy, if Riley can't accept you, dump him and find someone who can. Riley then says that he isn't sure if he could take her, and Buffy says that depends on his meaning. I'm guessing that was supposed to be romantic or sexy or something, but I feel as if I'd just swallowed a whole bottle of cod-liver oil.

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