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A New Man

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A New Man

Giles knocks on Professor Walsh's door and enters, saying, "Professor Walsh, I presume." He comments on how confusing the halls are, dropping a mythological reference in a belabored effort to show Professor Walsh how smart he is, then introduces himself and says that he's looking for Buffy. Giles and Professor Walsh get off on the wrong foot almost immediately. They bicker back and forth about Buffy, and Walsh takes a final jab by opining that Buffy has suffered from a lack of a male role model. She then brusquely dismisses Giles with, "I have things to do. I'll tell Buffy her friend was looking for her." We know that Giles is unaware of Professor Hardass's secret indentity as Initiative leader, and from this scene, I'm assuming that Buffy didn't tell Professor Walsh about her professional relationship with Giles. At least I hope that's the case, because I would like to think that the Evil Bitch Monster would have treated Giles with little more respect if she knew who he was. Perhaps not. I'm crossing my fingers that they don't make Professor Walsh a Giles love-interest later because in the real world, unlike the TV cliché world, people rarely confuse hatred with passion.

I hereby by dub this the Season of Impotence. As proof, I offer you Xander living in his dingy basement, Spike unable to perform, Riley feeling overshadowed by Buffy's fighting prowness, and Giles feeling left out, ineffective, and empty-nesty.

It's well after sundown as Willow, Xander, and Giles stride purposefully through the cemetery. Willow, wearing a cute red windbreaker, notes that since the demon was due to rise at sunset they're a bit late. Giles blames his tardiness on having to search for Buffy and his "battle" with the Professor, and Xander blames it on Giles's poor navigational skills. Giles says he'll just have to kill the demon without Buffy, and he's obviously trying to shore up his eroding ego when he says that in his day he's vanquished a few demons. They enter the crypt only to find it empty. Giles says that they're in luck and starts laying out his supplies. Willow ventures that the Initiative already took care of it and cleaned up the mess. Giles has no idea what they're talking about, and Willow spills the beans about Riley and the commandos. Giles is understandably peeved that nobody thought to tell him, and he demands to know who else knows. Xander protests that nobody else does, but quickly amends that to "Anya. That's it." "And Spike," adds Willow. Giles is quite consternated that Spike knew, and Xander reassures him that it was only the basics, "That Riley is a commando and Professor Walsh is in charge." "Professor Walsh? That fishwife?" exclaims a stricken Giles. Willow starts to defend the Professor but trails off. A defeated Giles tells them to clear out and he'll take care of the demon. He sinks onto a bench but quickly gathers up his things with a "who am I kidding, nothing is going to happen," and leaves. "I wouldn't say that," intones Ethan Rayne, stepping out from the shadows. "I wouldn't say that at all," he continues with his doomiloquy in a more and more menacing tone. Suddenly Giles comes back into the crypt because he thought he'd heard something and Ethan says in a startled tone, "Oh bugger, I thought you'd gone." Hee hee. That made me shriek with laughter the first time I saw it.

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