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A New Man

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A New Man

Demon Giles surreptitiously enters Xander's Basement of Debasement. He ducks his curly horns under laundry hanging from a line and comments on the fact that Xander is still asleep at this late hour. Giles, still wrapped in his blankie, leans over Xander and calls for him to wake up. Xander/Giles shippers every where sigh in delight. Well, except for Giles being a demon at this point and all. Xander rolls over sleepily, but doesn't open his eyes and mumbles, "Mom?" Giles carefully explains to the sleepy Xander that his appearance is alarming, but assures him that he is indeed Giles, Ethan has turned him into a demon and he needs Xander's help. As Xander opens his eyes, Giles sweetly and reassuringly says, "Hello. Yes, it's me," but then we see him from Xander's perspective and he's actually speaking some sort of incomprehensible demon language. Xander, clad in boxers and T-shirt, screams and leaps out of bed. Giles gestures imploringly towards Xander and tries to explain himself, but Xander just sees a huge babbling demon. Xander begins shouting and throwing dishes at Giles. Giles continues to try to communicate with Xander but after getting hit with a few frying pans he turns and flees the basement.

Outside, Demon Giles runs across the front yard of a house, stepping in children's toys and apologizing as shocked inhabitants look on. A woman grabs up her child and Giles runs on, exclaiming, "Bloody humans!"

Establishing shot of Sunnydale at night. For some reason, although Demon Giles visited Xander at his place at 10 AM, the Scooby Gang has taken until after dark to convene. Perhaps they couldn't find Buffy because she was off kicking Riley's ass some more. Well, a girl can dream. Anyway, Xander, Buffy, Willow, and Anya all enter the courtyard outside Giles's house, discussing the demon's "pointy things," and "tufty ears," and Xander adds, "Oh, and it might have a saucepan-shaped bruise." Willow says that Giles will know about the demon but trails off as the gang spots his front door, hanging partially off its hinges. The kids get alarm-face and rush into Giles's apartment, looking around at the evidence of mayhem. Xander runs up the staircase and checks the bedroom as Buffy hypothesizes that Xander wasn't the only one visited by the demon. Buffy has a cool leopard-print faux-fur messenger bag and I want to know where I can buy one like that. ["Sam Flax, right here in New York City. I'm just saying." -- Sars] Buffy notes that there's no blood in the apartment so perhaps the demon just kidnapped Giles, but Anya picks up his torn shirt and matter of factly says, "I think it ate him up." Worried and sad looks from Xander, Buffy, and Willow.

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