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A New Man

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A New Man

Giles hugs his blankie tight around him and sighs as he stomps through a graveyard. As he passes a mausoleum, we see that Spike is there, sizing up the crypt with a yellow measuring tape. Spike looks appreciative and says, "Well, what do I spy with my little eye? A demon. That would be, oh right, the things I can kill." He steps behind Giles and at the word "kill" gets a nasty sneer in his voice. Giles doesn't turn around, but just sighs, "Spike. Wonderful. A perfect end to a perfect day." Spike looks surprised and darling and eminently shaggable and...oh! Are you people still here? Sorry then, back to the recap. Spike looks surprised and exclaims, "Giles?!" Giles groans, turns around, and raises his fists to begin fighting before he realizes that Spike can understand him. He asks if he's begun speaking English but Spike explains that Giles is speaking Fyarl and that Spike knows that demon language. Spike inquires if Giles "suddenly came over all demony this morning?" and Giles affirms that that's exactly what happened, thanks to Ethan Rayne. As Spike leans back against the mausoleum, Giles demands that Spike help him find Ethan, so that he can change him back and then "[Ethan] needs a good being-killed." Spike wonders why he would help Giles, and Giles attempts to threaten him with violence. Taking a drag off his ciggie Spike laughs the threat off as not very convincing. Giles then offers to pay Spike to assist him. That suggestion perks Spike right up and he asks how much Giles will give him. Giles offers one hundred dollars and Spike, perhaps with his eye on the hotel room Anya suggested, says that Giles will have to do much better than that -- say, TWO hundred dollars. Hee. I guess Spike doesn't have much idea of current housing prices in California. Giles accepts, and Spike looks surprised and satisfied. He asks what the plan is and snarkily suggests that he "run and tell the Slayer what you've gotten yourself into." Giles is desperate to save face with Buffy, so he says they'll take care of the situation without Buffy ever having to know. Silly Giles. Doesn't he know whose show this is?

Buffy, Willow, Anya, and Xander are still at Giles's pad, looking through books. Willow shows a illustration to Xander, who exclaims, "Okay, that's a giant vulture. I'd have mentioned if it was a giant vulture." Willow wonders how they will find the demon, even if they do discover what sort it is. Buffy confidently says they will find the demon, and since it's her show, she should know. They hear a squeaking noise and Buffy carefully approaches the door with a stake. Riley bursts though in a not-at-all-stealthy manner and exclaims, "Buffy!" Duh, Riley. He looks around the room and notices the rest of the gang; Buffy asks what Riley is doing there. Riley explains that the Initiative has a tap into the 911 system so they can check out calls with "non-human" causes. He then asks Buffy why she's there, and she explains that it's Giles apartment and they can't find him. Riley says that the neighbors reported a struggle in Giles's apartment to 911 but didn't see anything. Riley asks what the gang is working on, but when Buffy says they have pictures, Anya firmly corrects her, "We have nothing." Buffy looks sad and Riley tells her that he and the Initiative are available to help in any way. Just a little aside to the Buffy creative team: see this scene where you're shooting Marc Blucas's face from directly below and a little to the side? Don't do that again. Ever. I'm thanking you, and Mr. Blucas will be too if he has any smarts. Buffy sadly says she wishes Giles were there to help them and Xander says, "He'd be great right now. He'd find himself in a second. No one is cooler in a crisis."

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