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A New Man

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A New Man

We immediately cut to Giles and Spike riding around town in Giles's battered and cramped Citroen. Spike, who is driving, is grinding the gears, and when Giles bitches him out, Spike sulks, "I don't know if I'm driving this thing or wearing it." When Giles insists the car is "perfectly serviceable," Spike snickers and then admits it's funny to hear a Fyarl demon saying words like "serviceable." You know, Spike is so freakin' funny that he's a real pain to recap. I feel like I should transcribe his every word, yet consider the amount of work that would entail! Also, I tend to get distracted just watching him and I forget to type anything at all. Spike tells Giles that he's had Fyarl demons working for him in the past and that they tend to be demons of few words, but are very strong. Giles growls, but when Spike calls him on it, he denies doing so. Giles, obviously trying to find the silver lining, asks if he has any special powers, such as "setting things on fire with my sizzling eye beams," and Spike replies that Giles has "paralyzing mucous" which is quite useful in a fight. Giles isn't sure if Spike is putting him on. Giles, his voice deepening, says that he feels like he's changing and is being taken over by anger and a need to destroy. Nostalgically, Spike replies, "Good times. Go with it," and encourages Giles to give in to his demon nature. Giles protests that he is a human being and then excitedly tells Spike to stop the car. He's just spotted Professor Walsh walking down the street. Giles leaps out of the car and begins to chase her, waving his arms in the air and yelling in Fyarl. Maggie shrieks and runs away with Giles in pursuit. He chases her down the block and then returns to the Citroen and tells Spike to keep driving. I'm interested in the dual portrayal of Professor Walsh. In the classroom she's the bitch monster of death; in the Initiative she's the decisive leader; on the street, faced with werewolves or demons, she tends to run shrieking. I'd expect her to pull a stun gun from her purse and start zapping. Perhaps we're to assume she's the brains and not the muscle. That, or we've just seen some fairly sexist humor at her expense.

The gang are still at Giles's; Willow and Xander are sitting on the couch looking through books. Finally, Xander excitedly shows Willow a picture of the demon that attacked him. Willow reads the description out loud, which describes the Fyarl demon as a foot soldier who works for other demons and, "Uch, hey, mucous." As she's about to explain more about the mucous, and I know we're all excited about that, Riley's cell phone rings. He answers as Buffy asks how she can kill the demon. Willow says the book calls for a weapon made of silver. Riley finishes his phone call and explains that the demon just attacked Professor Walsh. The gang wonders over the fact that the demon seems to have stolen Giles's car, and Buffy decides that someone must be controlling the demon. She ties the theory into Willow's sensing dark magic at work the night before, tells the gang to stay at Giles's in case the kidnapper calls, grabs a silver letter opener, and heads for the magic shop, Riley in tow.

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