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A New Man

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A New Man

At the bar where Giles and Ethan had drinks the night before Spike is chatting up the waitress while Giles hides in a corner, huddled under his blankie. Spike refers to Ethan and Giles as "English like me, but older and less attractive." The waitress says she threw out Ethan's number, but it turns out she does remember which motel he was staying at, the Sunnydale Motor Inn.

Buffy breaks down the front door of the magic shop and begins to look for evidence of someone buying supplies to do big magic. Riley reproves Buffy for breaking the door, but when she replies she didn't have time for niceties, he explains that he has a master key that "opens every shop on Main Street." Buffy gives him a strange look, tells him she'll take him up on it next time, and continues leafing through receipts. She finds one with Ethan's name on it and explains to Riley that he's a "professional bad guy." Riley gets on his cell and calls in to the Initiative for a search of hotel listings under Ethan's name. Buffy tells him to get in the car but Riley stops her. He tries to explain that Professor Walsh gave him specific orders to not take Buffy along for the capture of the demon. Buffy just says "oh" and prepares to leave. Riley, surprised, says he can't take her with him and she replies, "You are not taking me with you. I am going and I am letting you come along." Go Buffy! Riley tries to explain that it's a military operation but Buffy won't have any of it. She's going to kill the demon that messed with Giles.

Spike and Giles are back in Giles's car. Giles growls. When Spike (quite nicely) asks him how he's feeling, Giles replies, "Like snapping necks until everyone's dead." Spike is happy to hear it, but then mentions they've picked up a tail. Giles, missing the point, replies, "Yes, just a little one. Hurts when I sit." Spike informs him that actually they have a Humvee following them. Giles tells him to lose the tail but Spike insists he's got the pedal to the metal. Giles points out that if they get caught, they'll both end up in the Initiative's lab; suddenly another Humvee appears on the scene. Giles breaks a car window in frustration and demands that Spike slow down so he can jump out. Spike protests that then the military will follow him instead, but Giles offers to pay him another hundred dollars. We see the Citroen slow down as it rounds a corner and Giles leaps out. He rolls across the pavement and runs away. The Humvees continue chasing Spike in the Citroen.

At the Sunnydale Motor Inn, Ethan is packing to leave town. Suddenly his door is ripped apart and Giles stomps into the room. He attacks Ethan, who protests, "I can't undo you if you kill me!" Giles throws him across the room, and then Buffy and Riley appear in the doorway. Ethan tells Buffy to stop the demon and claims that it already killed Giles. Buffy tells Riley not to let Ethan get away and prepares to fight the demon. She kicks Demon Giles to the ground and demands to know what he did to, uh, Giles.

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