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Upstairs, Willow is trying in vain to apologize to Tara. Tara isn't really having it, though, and just says, "Can we not do this now? I'm tired," as she removes the approximately seven thousand decorative pillows from the bed. "Okay," agrees Willow, "Let's just forget it ever happened." This gives her an idea, and she goes to her dresser, picks up a flower, and whispers, "Forget." We know that something magical has happened, because the flower glows. Clearly a sign of the supernatural. She shuts off the lights and gets in bed with Tara, who immediately snuggles up to her, oblivious to their earlier fight because Willow just WIPED HER MEMORY. It's interesting that some spells don't require a special incantation but just one everyday word. What if Willow came home and said, "Oh darn. Forgot milk." And the gang is all, "Milk? What is this milk of which you speak? I wish I had a cool, refreshing beverage to go with these cookies but alas, nothing seems to adequately complement them." And then we would be sad for the poor Scoobies exiled to a life of cookies without milk.

Next week: I've got a theory. That Joss hates Sep.

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