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Buffy and Lyle continue to keep the minions at bay as Tector, finally having removed his head from his ass, enters the Bezoar Boudoir. Seeing Squiddy, he goes to have a look. Squiddy opens an eye, and Tector grins goofily at it and bids it hello. By way of responding, Squiddy lashes a tentacle around his neck and pulls him down. Buffy looks like she's going to be sick. Lyle rounds on Buffy and tells her it's her fault. Buffy, incredulously: "How?" Hee. He tosses her onto the concrete. Joyce tries to impale her with a pickaxe, but Buffy rolls away. When she says you're grounded, Buffy, she means it. I realize also that Joyce tried to kill Buffy twice in the course of the series. Dr. Spock ain't gonna back you up on your parenting techniques, Joyce. Anyway, avoiding Joyce's attack brings Buffy closer to Squiddy, and it lashes another tentacle around her feet. Buffy manages to grab a pickaxe before she gets dragged in. If you look closely, Buffy totally loses her grip on the axe as she falls in, and I'm not sure she would have been able to grab it again, but whatever. We hear some groaning and some impact noises as the minions look on, and then Squiddy's eye slowly shuts. With a goofy circus sound effect, all the spider-thingys fall to the floor, and the human hosts follow suit. Lyle looks around warily until the pickaxe comes flying out of the hole. Buffy, covered in black ichor, hoists herself out, and stares at Lyle. Ha! That's up there with my favorite Bad-Ass Buffy moments. Lyle tips his hat and bails faster than you can say "yeller-bellied varmint."

Sometime later, the human hosts are disorientedly emerging from the school. Giles tells them it was a gas leak, and that they should get some air and rest. Seeing Xander, he asks, "Wh-what was it really?" Hee. Xander says he'll tell him tomorrow, and Giles leaves. Xander asks Willow and Cordy, who are sitting nearby, if they're okay. They look like hell, and Willow unhappily asks if she really hit him. He acknowledges that, and Cordy asks if she hit him too. Xander: "Yes! Everyone hit me!" Cordy: "Good. Well -- I don't mean 'good' because I hit you, but I didn't want to be left out." Heh. Buffy arrives, with an egg-sized (hee) bruise on her forehead, and asks how "she" is, and I frown for a moment until I realize that she must be talking about Joyce. Xander says she's confused, but "it's going around." Just wait until "Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered," buddy. Joyce appears and tells Buffy how worried she was. Buffy says she was in the gym, which leads Joyce to strap her bitch on again and confine Buffy to her room. Considering that she's almost died in each of the last two episodes, I guess Joyce isn't one of those people who reevaluates life after a near-death experience.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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