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Lip Mike Theater, part the last. Buffy and Angel mack in close-up. Angel asks if she won't get in trouble. Buffy says she earned it, and besides, she's not in violation of any rules. As we hear Joyce call her name, the camera pans back to show that they're at Buffy's window, with Angel on the eaves. Joyce asks if she's going to bed, and Buffy says she will in a minute. They resume kissing, but without the smacky sound effects. Aw. The last uncomplicated Buffy/Angel moment. It does make me a little nostalgic.

So I know this episode is some people's worst ever. As much as I cracked on it, I've got to disagree. I don't think it's even the worst episode of the season -- not by a long shot. Yes, it's derivative, but when you do a show so rooted in horror, you're going to have to borrow a few ideas. It's also cheesy, but that itself doesn't make it unenjoyable -- in fact, I think the massive logical gaps are funny in an episode this silly. And although a couple of specific scenes dragged, the pacing of the overall episode wasn't bad. The fact is, there were two different villain plots that came together in the end, as well as time spent on three different sets of relationships. That alone, to me, blows "Reptile Boy" or "Go Fish" away. Finally, while the Gorches were hopelessly stereotypical, I didn't find them offensively so, particularly not in comparison to the egregious "Family." So hate it if you must, but ask yourself this: When was the last time this show was any fun?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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