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Back in Buffy's room, we see it's 2:45. Joyce enters, wondering what all the noise is about. Buffy manages to cover the dead hatchling, but can't do the same to the phone call and the fact that she's still dressed. Joyce thankfully doesn't drag it out as she grounds Buffy "for the rest of your natural life --"

"-- which means," she continues in the car on the way to school, "no after-school socializing, no Bronze, no nothing, not until I say so." She goes on that school ends at 2:30 (it does? Damn) and that Buffy is to go to the library and study until Joyce comes to get her at 5:30. Well, that's an enforceable plan, right there. Buffy gets out and sees Cordy talking to some girl. Cordy's wearing a teddy-bear backpack, which is kind of cute, if wholly incongruous. Buffy starts to ask her something, but Cordy goes off on a rant about how she got her bear years ago, but now everyone has one. Buffy: "Okay, Soliloquy Girl." Hee. She just wants to know about the egg, which Cordy says is in her bear. Buffy asks if it's been acting weird. Cordy: "It's an egg, Buffy. It doesn't emote." Heh. That Max Perlich extra totally just walked by again. I never would have noticed this guy if Max Perlich hadn't been on the show, but now trying to spot his younger copy is an exciting new obsession. Cordy walks off as Willow greets Buffy. Nearby, Xander is none too happy with a candy bar he's munching on, and prepares to complete the cycle of child abuse by eating his young. Willow asks if Buffy brought the spider-thingy in; Buffy says yes, and that Giles is in "full research mode." Cordy joins them as Willow says she'll get Giles and they'll all meet up in the science lab. The camera swings low to show that a spider-thingy is attached to her lower back. Like Willow would ever wear something that remotely revealed anything in the early seasons. Mind-controlling parasites I can believe, but Willow showing any skin before Season Four you can just sell somewhere else. Anyway, Xander puts the peeled egg to his mouth and sees that it contains a dead spider-thingy. He freaks as the girls look on.

Buffy, Xander, and Cordy look at one of the spider-thingys, all grossed out. Willow rejoins them, and says that Giles instructed her to get started. Xander and Buffy start with the "You dissect it. No, you dissect it!" Willow breaks it up as we get a look at Cordy's bear. Something squirms inside, and two feelers pop the eyes. I don't get it -- I thought this thing had to be in physical contact. It seems like just another "heads up, audience!" moment that I neither need nor want. Buffy and Xander think this means that something sinister befell Mr. Whitmore. Cordy leans down as Willow says, "It's possible that Mr. Whitmore wasn't harmed. Maybe the offspring simply used him to return to the mother Bezoar." Buffy and Xander barely get a chance to "Huh?" before Cordy whacks Buffy in the face with a metal pole. Willow picks up something heavy and sends Xander to Dreamland as well. Cordy and Willow toss Xander into a dark closet, and two henchboys do the same to Buffy. Especially given Xander's recent association with closets, it's appropriate that he's unconscious, since being in a position to play Seven Minutes In Heaven with Buffy is his big wet dream. Willow opens the doors to some sort of supply area, and a bunch of kids and a teacher file in and grab digging tools. It's broad daylight, so I don't understand this part either. Is everyone in the school possessed by now? Whatever. The possessed people head down to the basement and enter the hole in the wall from earlier.

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