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Joyce enters the library, calling for Buffy. Giles pops his head out of the cage and greets her, and tells her Buffy hasn't been in. Joyce straps her bitch on about those irresponsible kids, then notices some texts on demonology. Giles says it's a hobby of his "having nothing to do with Buffy in any way." Heh. Although it's cool that they put this throwaway moment to good use in "Gingerbread." Remember when the show used to take little plot points like that and run with them? These days the writers keep trying to spike it in their own end zone. Get it? "Spike"? Well, if the show is going to write him so lamely, is there any reason I shouldn't? Giles starts to open a drawer, but asks Joyce if she heard a noise. Joyce turns toward the entrance, and Giles puts one of the spider-thingys on her back. She hilariously overacts with the screaming, and falls to the floor as Giles replicates Willow's blank expression from earlier. This scene did much better in the scare department -- while it's clear from events before and after that Willow took care of Giles, they didn't telegraph it, and the action moved along speedily enough that you didn't have scads of time to think it through. Although now that I am thinking it through, I still don't understand what the deal with that egg on the bookshelf was. Maybe it was a runaway. "It's 10 PM. Do you know where your eggs are?"

Giles and Joyce, apparently now on the same wavelength (haw!), march out of the library and head for the basement entrance, joined by some other students. A hand pulls a light string, and we see that Buffy has regained consciousness. She wakes Xander up. Xander mumbles something about him and Cordelia, and I'm over being baffled that no one's figured out their little tonsil hockey sessions. They get to their feet, and Buffy lamely tries the door and finds it locked. C'mon, Buff -- we've seen you rip out countless door handles, usually in far more gratuitous situations than this one. Xander wonders why Cordy and Willow didn't just kill them, but they get their answer when they catch sight of two twitching eggs on the floor. Buffy smashes them with a toolbox and kicks the door open. That's a poor substitute for ripping the handle out, Buffy. They burst into the library, but no one's there. Buffy says they need some information, and Xander pulls the name "Bezoar" out of his ass. Or possibly his lower back. "Bezoar" is kind of a strange name to pick for this creature, incidentally, considering that it classically refers to a growth in the stomachs of certain animals. The usage in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone made sense. Not so this one. They discover a text that's open to an entry on the Bezoar. So Giles found out what it was, but Willow subjected him to a spider-thingy before he could tell anyone. That's Fanwanking 101. When you get to the Ph.D level, you get a shot at Season Seven.

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